James Robertson


Technology has played a pivotal role in all organisations over the last few decades.

The Digital Workplace Radar provides a powerful model for making sense of future technologies.

With the introduction of any new idea or technology, there’s inevitably a ‘new versus old’ debate. As intranets have been around for two decades now, they’ve seen a lot

The possibilities and potential of collaboration and social tools are endless. So are the features and capabilities offered by the tools, making it an inherently complex space.

In recent decades, the rise of multinational firms has seen inevitable.

It’s not hard to describe great intranets: content is well-written and up-to-date, information can be found easily, news flows regularly, and staff are provided with tools that help them in t

Let’s face it, managing the navigation and site structure (information architecture) of an intranet is hard.

Truly global digital workplaces span continents and countries. They encompass a workforce divided across many business divisions and roles.

The concept of the digital workplace continues to evolve, and it’s a journey rather than a static



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