Sam Marshall


I want to argue that digital workplace leadership is largely a hands-off role. It is about setting a vision and then letting the organization determine the programme.

Like many, I spend a lot of my work life in meeting rooms.

And so many seem to be set up by people who have never had a meeting in their life.

Michael Sampson is well-established as an author that tackles the business-side of collaboration.

Here’s my hunch about the digital workplace:  When it comes to truly implementing transformational technology, companies are unintentionally faking it.

It’s tempting to think that a suite of tools like Office 365 or IBM connections will meet your collaboration needs.

We’ve seen an increasing number of clients ask us about in-a-box intranets for SharePoint. They want a better experience for employees, and easier deployment activities.

The design of our offices to support productivity has greatly improved over the years (though Læs mere

Most of your intranet is irrelevant.

“I can’t find stuff!” is one of the most common complaints I hear against intranets.

When Wedge Black and Brian Lamb took the initiative to start Intranet Now in 2014, they also did a very generous thing in giving out a Diamond Award – as if the demands of conference



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