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I referenced this demo in an earlier demo entitled "Autopopulate List", where I showed how to automatically pull data from our AD to the SharePoint 2010 list. The missing step was that the columns that should be filled in automatically after clicking "OK" were available to the users from the "newform.aspx" and "editform.aspx" which kind of defeated the purpose of "autopopulate".  

Her er resultatet af den undersøgelse, som vi udførte i samarbejde med Intra2 i efteråret 2014, om hvordan danskerne bruger SharePoint.

This video explains why Tivoli Gardens won the IntranetPrize.

This presentation will take an ecological approach to understanding how people interact formally and informally within a modern organisation.

It will look at how the boundaries of the organisation are blurring and the consequences for organisational design.

Linked to those new forms are novel approaches to both discovering and resolving intractable or wicked problems.

New approaches to understanding purpose and giving direction under conditions of uncertainty will be outlined.

These include the use of heuristics (or rules of thumb) and the use of safe-to-fail portfolios of early stage interventions designed to resolve strategic conflict and provide early wins.

Here is what I found most interesting in week 12, 2015. 

Erfa-gruppen om intern søgning - Enterprise Search, afholder møde hos COWI d. 23. april fra kl. 10-14.

Temaet for dette erfa-møde er forretningsmæssig gevinst af din søgestatistik, hvor Piotr Birketoft fra Adeptus kommer og holder oplæg.

Derudover skal høre om COWIs interne søgning og dele viden og erfaringer deltagerne imellem.

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