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I referenced this demo in an earlier demo entitled "Autopopulate List", where I showed how to automatically pull data from our AD to the list. The missing step was that the columns that should be filled in automatically after clicking "OK" were available to the users from the "newform.aspx" and "editform.aspx" which kind of defeated the purpose of "autopopulate".  

Intranets always partly reflect their organisations’ cultures, and they mirror the companies they serve through content, processes, and contributions from employees.

Some years back, Thomas L. Friedman argued in his best-selling book that the world is flat when it comes to commerce.

This video explains why Tivoli Gardens won the IntranetPrize.

Are you going to one of the best conferences in Sweden for 2014?  I’m talking about Intranatverk 2014 of course!

Search behaviour is one window into the customer’s mind. But there are many others.

As a website becomes larger and more complex, navigation should focus on helping customers move forward. Helping them move backwards or sideways can cause major distraction and confusion.

Facebook started off as a people directory. Why connecting people is the new goldmine both inside and outside organizations.

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