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Her er min tredje artikel om SharePoint 2016 fra Ignite konferencen i Chicago.

I attended the keynotes at Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago, and I have tried to collect highlights seen through the lens of my profession about intranets, SharePoint and Yammer.


I referenced this demo in an earlier demo entitled "Autopopulate List", where I showed how to automatically pull data from our AD to the SharePoint 2010 list. The missing step was that the columns that should be filled in automatically after clicking "OK" were available to the users from the "newform.aspx" and "editform.aspx" which kind of defeated the purpose of "autopopulate".  

Software companies these days are pushing more of their product offerings into the cloud, yet many of them still have on-premise offerings, even if they’re less advertised.  Why is that?

Denne præsentation blev vist på SharePoint 2013 dagen hos Nykredit d. 18. juni.  

Region Hovedstaden har som nogle af de få tænkt ”Mobile first” på SharePoint 2013. De kom i deres indlæg ind på:

  • Hvorfor mobile first?
  • Processen med at tænke mobile first
  • Udfordringer med responsivt
  • Erfaringer og råd
  • Fremtiden

Digital design is becoming more and more centered on the human, the customer, the person.

After completing my undergrad I worked as a legal assistant at a law firm here in Vancouver, BC.  With approximately 300 employees, an organized system for Læs mere

Yammer might ‘self seed’ among early adopters, but a strategic approach to usage is needed for maximum business value, and to support those who are less keen to embrace new ways of work

I am very happy to announce that my book "Collaborating in a Social Era" will be available for purchase as ebook and in print this September! 

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