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Your intranet portal is a valuable tool which helps to connect your employees, collaborate on documents/projects and create content to improve overall business efficiency.

One of the key differences between digital and physical is that digital is more adaptable and networked.

As a website becomes larger and more complex, navigation should focus on helping customers move forward. Helping them move backwards or sideways can cause major distraction and confusion.

The interface is increasingly becoming the product when it comes to IT. Ease-of-use, long a peripheral issue, has now become central.

The perfect moment to market and/or communicate with a customer is just after they have successfully completed a task.

Facebook started off as a people directory. Why connecting people is the new goldmine both inside and outside organizations.

This video explains why Tivoli Gardens won the IntranetPrize.

Intranets always partly reflect their organisations’ cultures, and they mirror the companies they serve through content, processes, and contributions from employees.

Some years back, Thomas L. Friedman argued in his best-selling book that the world is flat when it comes to commerce.

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