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As you know, I’m working out loud this year as I prepare the 2016 report: The Organization in the Digital Age.

Around the world, trust in government is collapsing. Trust in all institutions, the establishment, the elite, is in a prolonged and probably irrevocable decline.


Vores netværksgruppe om Change Management holder møde d. 27. september hos MT Højgaard. Jakob Rachmanski fra Adfærdshuset kommer og giver en introduktion til adfærdspsykologi og nudging. Derudover vil der være rig mulighed for at dele viden om deltagernes erfaringer og udfordringer med Change Management.   

I posted a chart a couple days ago showing the primary goals for digital

Here is what I found most interesting in week 34. 

At the crux of many management decisions today is the tradeoff between control and simplicity.

One of the key differences between digital and physical is that digital is more adaptable and networked.

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