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Focus on customer convenience and effort, not experience or satisfaction

Last week the people of Scotland took part in an historic vote to decide on the level of democratic governance they felt best met their requirements.  Did they want to have a full devolved lev

When I first started working on intranets back in the late 90s I remember searching high and low for tips on starting up a forum on an intranet. How do you get the ball rolling?

Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company with 2000 employees at head office in Denmark and thousands of employees around the world.

“Bureaucracies are honed by the past and almost never can they deal with the future.” This quote, from biologist Leroy Hood, starts the first chapter of Paul Boag’s excell

Lisbet Hebbelstrup, OK Danmark har været så flink at tillade, at vi offentliggør nogle af deres politikker.

Her følger OK's politikker:

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