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If you’re ripping your customers off, you can’t expect to design an experience to engage them.

In a network it is the connection we make between things that is often more important than the thing itself.

Here is what I found most interesting i week 27, 2015. 

Here is what I found most interesting i week 26, 2015. 

From time to time I turn into a Visiting Professor and work my way through recent papers in academic journals.

Software companies these days are pushing more of their product offerings into the cloud, yet many of them still have on-premise offerings, even if they’re less advertised.  Why is that?

Denne præsentation blev vist på SharePoint 2013 dagen hos Nykredit d. 18. juni.  

Region Hovedstaden har som nogle af de få tænkt ”Mobile first” på SharePoint 2013. De kom i deres indlæg ind på:

  • Hvorfor mobile first?
  • Processen med at tænke mobile first
  • Udfordringer med responsivt
  • Erfaringer og råd
  • Fremtiden
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