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Yammer might ‘self seed’ among early adopters, but a strategic approach to usage is needed for maximum business value, and to support those who are less keen to embrace new ways of work

I am very happy to announce that my book "Collaborating in a Social Era" will be available for purchase as ebook and in print this September! 

Friday Wrap #159
Flickr photo of statues wrapped up on the Harvard campus

Deloitte has recently published a report entitled Management Information for Conduct Risk – Unde

Your intranet is dated, unfriendly, and ugly. It’s certainly not being used to its fullest extent because users simply don’t want to engage with it.

In this guest article, Rob McWhirter delves into UX, hard work, and the fast feedback that can help design a better intranet.

A typical conversation about an Apple product:

I was recently on a website and found myself cursing under my breath because I could not for the life of me find the “contact” in this website’s menu.

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