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Lately I’ve been working closely with New Intranet Administrators, offering training, tips and best practices.

Learning is not separated from work, but something that happens during work.

The intranet is also something that happens during work, but how can it support social learning?

This video presentation applies the 5 Rs of social learning as defined by Jane Hart and Harold Jarche, and applies this to working with an intranet.

Taking Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM ) and the 70:20:10 framework into account, intranets must offer new possibilities to support us.

The best way to measure complexity is to measure use. Given a choice, the harder something is to use the less people will use it.

Jostein held the final keynote at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015 and here is a video of his keynote where he spoke about:

  • Don´t follow (all) the hypes. Get the basics right first.
  • The top tasks of most Intranets and how do you design your intranet to solve them.
  • Get insights from a survey done in 55 companies with 49.000 employees in 20 different countries.
  • Common pitfalls and success factors for Intranets


If your intranet sucks, then benchmarking successful intranets can help make the case for investing in a new one.

The intranet is dead. How many times have we heard this tired, uninformed complaint or false prophecy in the past 10 years?

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