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A while ago I booked online with Dublin airport parking. (It’s a good service.) However, a few days later I got an email with a strange heading: “You said. We listened.” What?

This is the interview we did after Richard Dennison, BT spoke at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014.

If I had five bucks for every time someone talked about ‘the Cloud’ in conjunction with intranet software, I would surely be able to fly our team off to Brazil to watch the World Cup fi

Self-service is for high volume, simple-to-do tasks. For less frequent, complex tasks, face-to-face is often the best option.

Intranet managers and consultants are the consummate knowledge workers. And most of us have come to learn intimately that knowledge is power.

Search is just one part of the jigsaw puzzle of customer behavior. It needs to be considered in the context of the customer’s task.

An interesting thing about university intanets is how they serve two distinct groups – the staff and the students.

Varonis is in the business of data and information management application software and over the last few years has made a significant investmen

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