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This presentation will take an ecological approach to understanding how people interact formally and informally within a modern organisation.

It will look at how the boundaries of the organisation are blurring and the consequences for organisational design.

Linked to those new forms are novel approaches to both discovering and resolving intractable or wicked problems.

New approaches to understanding purpose and giving direction under conditions of uncertainty will be outlined.

These include the use of heuristics (or rules of thumb) and the use of safe-to-fail portfolios of early stage interventions designed to resolve strategic conflict and provide early wins.

Domo og har i juli undersøgt, hvor mange af Fortune 500’s CEO’s, der var på de sociale medier.

Her er svaret på, hvor lang tid der går, inden indhold arkiveres automatisk på SharePoint.

Se hvordan Tesco/Homeplus bruger QR koder til at handle med. 

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