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Information Architecture is such an important part of any Intranet implementation and it still receives very little attention.

This session will guide you thru the essentials when doing information architecture, going over topics such as how our brain perceives information, logical parts of information architecture, governance, Information Architecture patterns, structure and how Search really fits in when doing the design.

At the University of Liverpool we had a problem – our students were telling us that there weren’t enough available PC’s on campus. But our usage statistics were telling us a very different story.
Find out how and why we built PC Finder; an award-winning responsive web app, that combines live PC workstation availability, GPS data, building opening hours, and point-to-point routing, to make sure our students can always find their nearest available PC on campus.

Erfa-gruppen om markedsføring på nettet - Sjælland, holder møde d. 22. april 2015 fra kl. 10-14, hos Saxobank. Der vil være indlæg v/ Cathrine Diederichsen fra Comwell om, hvordan de med succes har skabt loyalitet via deres loyalitetsklub.
Derudover vil der blive delt viden, og vi skal se Saxobanks hjemmeside og markedsføring på nettet.

Erfa-gruppen om intern kommunikation, sociale medier og intranet, holder møde d. 15. april 2015 fra kl. 10-14, hos Miljøstyrelsen i København. Der vil være indlæg v/ Nicolai Hauge Knudsen fra Bysted om intranettes sammenhængskraft samt understøttelse af kulturforandring.
Ydermere skal vi se og høre om Miljøstyrelsens interne kommunikation og intranet samt dele viden aktuelle udfordringer hos medlemmerne.

Lately I’ve been working closely with New Intranet Administrators, offering training, tips and best practices.

Learning is not separated from work, but something that happens during work.

The intranet is also something that happens during work, but how can it support social learning?

This video presentation applies the 5 Rs of social learning as defined by Jane Hart and Harold Jarche, and applies this to working with an intranet.

Taking Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM ) and the 70:20:10 framework into account, intranets must offer new possibilities to support us.

The best way to measure complexity is to measure use. Given a choice, the harder something is to use the less people will use it.

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