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Her er min tredje artikel om SharePoint 2016 fra Ignite konferencen i Chicago.


I referenced this demo in an earlier demo entitled "Autopopulate List", where I showed how to automatically pull data from our AD to the SharePoint 2010 list. The missing step was that the columns that should be filled in automatically after clicking "OK" were available to the users from the "newform.aspx" and "editform.aspx" which kind of defeated the purpose of "autopopulate".  

I attended the keynotes at Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago, and I have tried to collect highlights seen through the lens of my profession about intranets, SharePoint and Yammer.

Here is what I found most interesting i week 29 and 30, 2015. 

Intranets can be efficient and helpful systems and they’re usually designed and implemented in a way that reflects the needs of people who use them every day.

There are very few books on intranet management so this book from Mark Morrell, courtesy of the Læs mere

Governance. It is a word that commands respect. Perhaps this is why so many in the world of corporate communication shy away from it.

Here is what I found most interesting i week 28, 2015.  

A practical, systematic approach to intranet governance. Every intranet manager would find value in going through this with their team.

If you’re ripping your customers off, you can’t expect to design an experience to engage them.

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