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I referenced this demo in an earlier demo entitled "Autopopulate List", where I showed how to automatically pull data from our AD to the list. The missing step was that the columns that should be filled in automatically after clicking "OK" were available to the users from the "newform.aspx" and "editform.aspx" which kind of defeated the purpose of "autopopulate".  

Oplæg om Yammer af Christian Skjæran, Chr. Hansen d. 28. august kl. 10.00 -14.00 i erfa-gruppen om SharePoint i internationale virksomheder, der finder sted hos Nets i Ballerup. Christian kommer og fortæller om hvordan de hos Chr. Hansen har implementeret Yammer systematisk og strategisk.

På mødet vil der goså være en præsentation af Nets' intranet, samt blive delt viden, erfaringer og udfordringer mellem deltagerne på mødet. 

Intranets are much more than they have been in the past.

Water is a very strange chemical. Most people see it as a colourless liquid that is essential to life.

Online forms deliver clear productivity benefits and cost savings and should be a key element of all intranets.

You may remember my last post ab

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