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This presentation will take an ecological approach to understanding how people interact formally and informally within a modern organisation.

It will look at how the boundaries of the organisation are blurring and the consequences for organisational design.

Linked to those new forms are novel approaches to both discovering and resolving intractable or wicked problems.

New approaches to understanding purpose and giving direction under conditions of uncertainty will be outlined.

These include the use of heuristics (or rules of thumb) and the use of safe-to-fail portfolios of early stage interventions designed to resolve strategic conflict and provide early wins.

Wedge talks about how to write great content, and layout intranet pages for a good reading experience. It’s part ‘micro-content strategy’ and part user experience.

Wedge covers:
- Headlines – helping people choose what to click Images – attracting attention and conveying meaning
- Links – how to link to other pages, and to files
- Layout – structuring content for easy reading
- Content – writing for the audience, not your boss
- Documents vs pages – the epic battle

Wedge also touches on engaging audiences and internal communities, channel management (because the intranet is not a single channel) and content for mobile devices.

Learning is not separated from work, but something that happens during work.

The intranet is also something that happens during work, but how can it support social learning?

This video presentation applies the 5 Rs of social learning as defined by Jane Hart and Harold Jarche, and applies this to working with an intranet.

Taking Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM ) and the 70:20:10 framework into account, intranets must offer new possibilities to support us.

Jostein held the final keynote at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015 and here is a video of his keynote where he spoke about:

  • Don´t follow (all) the hypes. Get the basics right first.
  • The top tasks of most Intranets and how do you design your intranet to solve them.
  • Get insights from a survey done in 55 companies with 49.000 employees in 20 different countries.
  • Common pitfalls and success factors for Intranets


Here is a video of Jonas Söderström's session at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015: "Stress and Bureaucracy 2.0: The perils of the digital workplace"

The digital workplace isn’t coming – it’s already here. But why does the doctor have to place the computer mouse on a test-tube rocker? Why does the bus driver have to look at 11 different screens while driving? And why do we see soaring levels of stress in the workplace?

The digital world is evolving rapidly and history is quickly forgotten: Successes as well as mistakes. 

Mads Richard invites you to a journey into intranet real practice throughout the last 15 years.

Together we will see and learn from some of the screenshots 300 Danish companies have shared in Intra2 | Share Intranet Real Practice since 2000.

Here are the blogpost about IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015, that we are aware of. 

Here is a video of Karen's presentation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015. 

The session description:

So, you’ve established an enterprise social network.  Now what? Come hear how Pearson is keeping its community fresh four years later. As your community matures, you will need to focus more on realizing the value your community can add, on keeping your community at the forefront of technology, on building a strong advocate network and sharing your stories. 

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