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Here are the Tweets from IntraTeam Event. We have deleted duplicates.

Here is the interview with Gabriel Olsson after his presentation at IntraTeam Event 2010, where he spoke about the changing the intranet with af new taskbased menu structure and optimizing Search.


Jane McConnell, NetJMC was interviewed after her keynote at IntraTeam Event 2010. Here is the video.

James Robertson explains how to transform the intranet from a communication tool to a business tool in the interest of the whole organization. 

Billeder og udtalelser fra IntraTeam Event 3. - 5. marts 2009

Udenrigsministeriet vandt klart, da deltagerne i IntraTeam Event stemte om, hvem der havde Danmarks bedste intranet. Her kan du læse, se og høre, hvorfor.

This is the interview we did after Richard Dennison, BT spoke at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014.

ING has built an Enterprise Social Network with the user at its heart. Watch this video interview with Louise McGregor after her presentation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014.

At Barclays Bank they have created a mobile intranet (Intranet Innovation Award winner in 2013) which is targeted at frontline staff in branches. Watch this video interview with Dave Shepherd after his presentation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014.

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