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Using internal communications best practice to boost staff morale, improve retention and drive motivation – just how do you make an employee feel valued?
Tried and tested techniques to move beyond moans and groans towards constructive business feedback then closing the loop with answers
Low-cost techniques to create and maintain meaningful engagement on an on-going basis.
Leveraging the power of incentives and rewards to help employees go that extra mile for the business.
Neal presented this at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 2015.

Here is a video of Karen's presentation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015. 

The session description:

So, you’ve established an enterprise social network.  Now what? Come hear how Pearson is keeping its community fresh four years later. As your community matures, you will need to focus more on realizing the value your community can add, on keeping your community at the forefront of technology, on building a strong advocate network and sharing your stories. 

This presentation will take an ecological approach to understanding how people interact formally and informally within a modern organisation.

It will look at how the boundaries of the organisation are blurring and the consequences for organisational design.

Linked to those new forms are novel approaches to both discovering and resolving intractable or wicked problems.

New approaches to understanding purpose and giving direction under conditions of uncertainty will be outlined.

These include the use of heuristics (or rules of thumb) and the use of safe-to-fail portfolios of early stage interventions designed to resolve strategic conflict and provide early wins.

Wedge talks about how to write great content, and layout intranet pages for a good reading experience. It’s part ‘micro-content strategy’ and part user experience.

Wedge covers:
- Headlines – helping people choose what to click Images – attracting attention and conveying meaning
- Links – how to link to other pages, and to files
- Layout – structuring content for easy reading
- Content – writing for the audience, not your boss
- Documents vs pages – the epic battle

Wedge also touches on engaging audiences and internal communities, channel management (because the intranet is not a single channel) and content for mobile devices.

The world wants video – but most companies don’t have budgets to hire professional videographers every time Internal Communications come up with a new idea. Hear how HP Norway got started with in-house video production, and learn how easily you can adopt it yourself!

Due to different reasons, many organisations look for alternatives to SharePoint as intranet platform.
This presentation will cover the most typical intranet scenarios and most typical competing systems for them.
The presentation will analyze the market from the perspective of Scandinavia and will cover systems like Liferay, Confluence, EPiServer, Alfresco, etc.

Key questions:

- What are the most common WCMS and portal systems that are challenging SharePoint in the areas where SharePoint is weak?
- In what kind of situations you should question SharePoint as being the default choice for intranet?
- How to make that argument and also offer strong alternatives?
- What are the key differentiators between systems? Eg. language management, document management, search capabilities.
- Where is the WCMS market going?
- Can we expect more competitors to SharePoint in the future?

Many intranets don’t have a clear goal and strategy. Why? And why is an intranet goal and strategy important?

In this talk Samuel will share his experience with helping large organizations define their intranet strategy.

He will help you distinguish between a good and bad goal. And help you define a goal and strategy that successfully drives your intranet development.

Andreas Hallgren talks about how Chalmers University of Technology implemented a unified search platform for all their major websites.
What are the benefits, what kind of problems have occurred along the way, and what can happens when the search solution is handed over from the project to the governance organization?
Andreas will also talk about how the university has begun to use search and search analytics in order to build better, more relevant web sites.

Information Architecture is such an important part of any Intranet implementation and it still receives very little attention.

This session will guide you thru the essentials when doing information architecture, going over topics such as how our brain perceives information, logical parts of information architecture, governance, Information Architecture patterns, structure and how Search really fits in when doing the design.

At the University of Liverpool we had a problem – our students were telling us that there weren’t enough available PC’s on campus. But our usage statistics were telling us a very different story.
Find out how and why we built PC Finder; an award-winning responsive web app, that combines live PC workstation availability, GPS data, building opening hours, and point-to-point routing, to make sure our students can always find their nearest available PC on campus.

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