From IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2012

Knowledge sharing and conference about intranet, SharePoint and enterprise search

Through the years we have built relations with some of the most respected people within the field of intranet and enterprise search. We primarily operate in Denmark and Sweden where we facilitate a community of practise groups. Our annual conference "IntraTeam Event Copenhagen" attracts over 200 attendees.



Visit the largest intranet conference in Denmark together with intranet managers and professionals from all over the world.


Get in touch with other intranet representatives through our discussion board and our virtual groups.



This is an exciting time for intranets. The power of design is transforming what is delivered to staff, and new technology is providing a foundation for constant innovation.

While the best intranets in the world are powerful business tools, many are not there yet. One of the greatest challenges is to know what's possible, and how to deliver it. With intranets hidden away within organisations, it's hard to even see other sites!


This workshop is run by James Robertson, a global leader in the intranet space, and author of three books: "Essential intranets", "Designing intranets" and "What every intranet team should know".

The day is packed with screenshots and insights from intranets around the globe. These come from the global Intranet Innovation Awards, and they represent the best that intranets have to offer.

It will also be highly interactive, with many opportunities to ask questions, and to discuss with fellow participants. The goal of the workshop is to inspire you, and to turbo-charge your thinking about what's possible for modern intranets.

We will also explore practical approaches and methodologies that will allow you to uncover opportunities, and to build a strong business case.

Topics covered:

  • The evolution of intranets
  • Uncovering staff and business needs
  • Leading intranet examples and stories
  • Getting the balance right: the five purposes of intranets
  • How to start (or re-start!) your intranet journey
  • Building a business case

20. October 2015

Kl. 09:00 - 16:00