Intranet governance details the ownership model (who owns and manages it), and the rules for creating pages and content (roles and responsibilities, and policies); SharePoint intranet governan

A great digital workplace needs to deliver an engaging employee experience.

Most intranets are owned by or heavily influenced by the Internal Communications team.

Digital workplace, digital transformation, organizational change, all valid subjects and important ones.

The intranet flounders, if not fails, when there is no clear ownership, or governance.

This Valentine’s Day we’ve reached into the Intranetizen mailbag to offer some advice to one anxious reader.

Dear Intranetizen

According to various reports, IBM is eliminating remote workers in marketing, engineering, and other roles.

In under 18 months, one of the most fundamental changes to the way businesses handle data — the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — will come into application.



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