On the same day that it was announced that 37000 Nokia employees were going to be Microsoft employees Computer Weekly published a summary of a Gartner report on the challenges and opportunities for

The first place we go to look for a book is Amazon.

Organizations need to be loyal to their customers if they want their customers to be loyal to them

There has been very little published research on intranet evaluation.

I’m looking for contacts within IT practitioner communities in order to get more IT participation in the global Digital Workplace Trends survey this year.

They say that communication is only 7% verbal.  That means that video communicates at least ten times more than a written message alone.

Not surprisingly, 3 of the top 4 priorities for over 50% of the 110 pre-survey quick poll participants concern social collaboration and change facilitation.

The state of affairs in the digital workplace has been at least partially revealed by the results of the 2014 Digital Workplace Trends pre-survey quick poll.



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