Winning is at the heart of strategy. Strategy has its roots in military thinking and the art of war is the art of winning.

Converting people is really hard. It's much easier to allow the already converted to do what they came to your website to do.

Nearly a decade ago, we created the Intranet Roadmap — the first comprehensive methodology on how to design (or redesi

Organizations that have no relevant strategy for the online world are in love with technology and content for its own sake. 

With the deployment of a new technology platform for the intranet comes the daunting task of migrating content from the old site.

Content is at the heart of all intranets.

The fact that GOV.UK has won a top design award shows that the benefits of functional web design are finally being recognized.

We’re all online. And we’re spending more and more of our time there. Strategy must change because of online.



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