The more complex the world becomes the less we can depend on individual experts.  

Many web professionals are still really struggling with indifferent and egotistical management.

As the impact of mobile technology has swept across the workplace, the office itself has come under threat. Why bother coming into work at all if we can work anywhere we want?

Last year after running one of my full-day enterprise mobility workshops, I received an email from an organisation about mobile design.

Content drives the Web. But measuring its direct value is very difficult.

I have an uncle who is now a semi-retired “postie” (Australian slang for the people who deliver the mail). He loves his job, and he’s been a postie for a very long time.

SharePoint straight ‘out of the box’ isn’t necessarily unpleasant to look at – it’s blue and has neat boxes – but it’s not ideal.

As business value increasingly moves to the interface we need new models of how we describe and measure value.

Meeting customer needs means breaking down barriers within organizations and getting disciplines to actively work together.

In many organizations management practice is about twenty years behind the Web.



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