Tivoli Gardens won the Danish IntranetPrize 2014. Simon Verheij, Tivoli Gardens presents their intranet i this video.

This video explains why Tivoli Gardens won the IntranetPrize.

Martin Risgaard spoke at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen about Yammer in a global context.

Linda Tinnert spoke at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen about how IKEA uses Yammer.

Jane McConnell spoke at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen about why the digital workplace is disruptive and how it can transform your organisation.

Interview with Gordon Ross, ThoughtFarmer after his presentation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 7 where he spoke about how power has been an underdeveloped concept in the rhetoric surrounding the use of many-to-many intranets.

David Cotterill spoke about how the UK public sector used 'gamification' to achieve higher levels of engagement, change behaviours and stimulate innovation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2013.

Here is a short handheld video from March 7 - the last conference day at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen. 

Here is a short video from the first conference day at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 6, 2013.

Here is a handheld video from the first pre-conference day at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen.

Gordon Ross, ThoughtFarmer explains what the attendees at his workshop "Deriving Personas for Intranet Design and Change Management" at IntraTeam Event March 5, 2013 will take home and why they should attend the workshop.

The author and strategist Don Tapscott describes in this video interview why effective knowledge management within enterprises requires replacing e-mail with social media.

IntraTeam Event 2012 was again held at the Radission Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen.

“IntraTeam Event was great, very interesting and inspiring! I enjoyed the 2 days a lot”
Griet Johanssen, Shell




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