Are users of SharePoint more satisfied than users of other systems for intranets/digital workplaces?

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193 participants in our survey have answered how satisfied they are with their system for the intranet/digital workplace.


Overall satisfaction

The participants have an overall satisfaction of 1.9 out of 4.0. (4.0 = “To a very large degree” and 2.0 is “To some degree”.

Use of systems 

The 193 participants use these systems. Several use more than one system.

SharePoint satisfaction

131 of these use SharePoint and here is their satisfaction:

They score 2.0 out of 4.0. 2.0 = “To some degree”

Use of other systems than SharePoint 

Compared with the 59 who said that they did not use SharePoint:


They score 1.7 out of 4.0 which means that they are between “To a small degree” (1.0) and “To some degree” (2.0). 

IntraNote, Sitecore, Umbraco and EPiServer were among the systems for those not using SharePoint.

The conclusion is that SharePoint users are slightly more satisfied than the mixture of these systems.

Three participants did not answer the question.

About the Survey/Benchmark

105 of the 193 have had their intranet/digital workplace benchmarked in the self-assessment tool.

 “The IntraTeam Self-Assessment Benchmark has a lot of very valuable and detailed questions. The assessment result gives you an insight into how your organization exploits the potential of a Digital Workplace,” says Thomas Maeder, Senior Digital Experience Manager, Swisscom.

The intranet/digital workplace survey/benchmark is available to organizations across the planet. If you wish to participate in the survey (the first part requires 13-20 minutes) then you will receive the survey results for free. If you participate in the full benchmark study (which requires another 30-40 minutes), you get an overall score and the spider web graph showing how good you are in the 19 categories compared to the best in each category. We recommend that you answer the benchmark with the whole team but then should be prepared to use more time depending on the time used for fruitful discussions. Two hours is a good estimate.

More advanced reports and segmenting can be done by industry and organization size, for a fee. If you’d like to benchmark your intranet versus these organizations and all other participants, please write to or visit the IntraTeam website.

I will talk at IntranetNow on October 5, 2017 about “What’s working – research results from 186 orgs: Results and insights from IntraTeam’s digital workplace survey, showing how to get more value from your intranet and tools”.





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