Highlights from my talk about: "Best Practices Enterprise Search" in Warsaw

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I had the pleasure to speak at “SharePoint w biznesie i IT” in Warsaw. The conference was arranged by Unity Group. Here are some of the most important messages in my presentation.

Cats and dogs

Dogs will do anything to please their owner. You can kick it and it still comes when you call. Cats on the contrary will only come when you open their favourite cat food. 

Users on a digital workplace are the same. Unfortunately there are a lot more cats than dogs. Therefore you need to have a search function on your intranet that works to please the cats.

How to get money for search

Your chance of getting money for your search will increase if you stop talking about search and start talking about helping managers and employees to make better decisions. Stories about employees that have wasted time on developing the same product in two different teams because they were not able to find out that another team was working on the same will help your business case.

Poor search quality

According to Findwise’s Search and Findability Report 2013 63% has a poor search quality. Half of the respondents lacked adequate tags on the content and more than half of the respondents answered that there were inconsistency in the way they tagged the content. 

Information is critical for the organisation

Three out of four respondents in the Findwise report answered that finding the right information was critical to the organisations business goals and success. But only 14% answered that it was very or fairly easy to find the right information. 

Loosing revenue on search

More than nine out of ten executives in a survey carried out by Oracle believe that they lose revenue as a result of not being able to leverage the information they collect.

On average they estimate this lost opportunity to be 14% of annual revenue.

Have a good search or none

If you can’t deliver a good search you’re better off not to have any or clearly state that the search is not working properly. If you have a bad search your employees will only use it a few times and then never again. Should you then later fix the search it is almost impossible to gain trust to it again and drive your colleagues to use it again.

Default search settings

COWI, a Danish engineering company found out through their analytics that their colleagues only rarely searched for documents. 70 % of their searches were not for documents and the top 200 search terms were not related to documents. They now have a default setting that excludes documents and only searches intranet content at first. They have the option to search in documents by one click. 

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