How to sell social to management

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I had the pleasure to lead a break-out table discussion at SMiLE London about how to sell social to management. Here are the conclusions of that discussion.

If you want to sell social to management don’t ever use the word social. It makes them think of Facebook and wasting time. Focus on the business strategy. Most CEOs think they have the right strategy, but they know that they are not very good at implementing this strategy. Look at the business strategy and see where social can help to implement this strategy. Then tell management this focusing on business goals: Sell more, save money, beat the completion, innovate and get products faster to the market. Use words like collaboration, sharing valuable knowledge and finding the right information when you need it.

Culture is very important for your success with social. You need to find the social-savvy people in the organisation and have them to bring forward social. But equally important is it to find the the people that are against social and work with them. If you can convince a negative person about the benefits with social you might convince a lot of others too.

If your CEO does not have time to write status updates or blogs then have him call into a telephone answering machine in communications. Then communication can write the blogpost and send it the CEO for approval.  

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