Sessions about Digital Transformation at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017

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We have 11 sessions about Digital Transformation at this year's IntraTeam Event Copenhagen, February 28 - 2 of March.

February 28 

Creating an Intranet Hub for Organisational Change – Part 1 & 2 

This workshop will focus on the role of intranets and internal communications in digital transformation.

The goal of the session will be to show how intranet and comms people can bring some important skills in networking, information management and storytelling that are needed if organisations are to engage their people in the transformation process.

This will look at how to develop both a passionate network of change agents to help drive change and also a much wider ‘human sensor network’ of people who can provide feedback on the goals and progress of transformation.

 It will also discuss how intranet managers can curate an internal ‘change’ hub to explain the organisation’s view of transformation, share new methods and ways of working and help bridge the gap between leaders’ vision and day-today-reality.

LEE BRYANT - Postshift

March 1 

Workplace by Facebook – 2 Sessions

Sessions 1 - Workplace by Facebook – Revolution in Internal Communications?

Has Workplace by Facebook started a real revolution in internal communications? What profit can it bring for your employees and information flow among them? What challenges are to face after its implementation? Based on answers on those question you will learn what is Workplace all about.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction of implementation process of Workplace,
  • Real examples of its usage in internal communiaction and building of emplyees’ involvement,
  • Pros and cons of intranet based on Workplace.



Session 2 – Implementing Workplace by Facebook at an International NGO 

 Save the Children has around 25,000 staff working in around 120 countries, in some of the most challenging environments. Connecting these staff digitally is a constant challenge, Workplace by Facebook was selected to help our field staff be more engaged with colleagues around the world. How has Workplace changed the way our staff responded to a humanitarian emergency? A recent hurricane in Haiti provided an early real test for this technology in the field, hear about how it held up.

Key takeaways:

  • How Workplace played a role in disaster response,
  • Challenges of deploying Workplace across a global federation of organizations,
  • How does workplace fit with other digital collaboration products.

DAVID KENNEDY -  Save the Children International


IntranetPrize 2017

The prize is awarded by IntraTeam to an organization having demonstrated an exceptional effort to acquire or develop an effective and highly used intranet/digital workplace adding significant value.



March 2

Building The Bridge from Traditional Business Targets to New Ways of Collaboration at Siemens

Engagement  surveys in companies today reveal that current classical management systems lack (amongst others) two important elements of employee satisfaction: Transparency and Participation. This is painful for companies because no need to say that performance suffers if the staff is not satisfied.  An Enterprise Social Network – amongst others –can perfectly address to those effects and increase  a feeling of  control and connection in working live – with positive implications on engagement and quality of output.

But – the sole availability of a ESN will not eliminate the employees  barriers to collaborate as a network all of the sudden. Especially in big Old Economy companies the management – and incentive system foster a tendency  to stay in your silo and focus on own targets first. (Whereas  sharing is not considered a value or success factor)

Siemens has introduced it’s ESN (“SSN”) in 2013 and started to actively enable it’s employees “technically” 2016 – after realizing, that there will be no activity otherwise and no progress to develop from a pure communication platform to a collaborative network.  We currently move into the next phase: Communication is possible – now who will enable the employees to collaborate? (Could this be the new challenge for HR?) Today we have a number of examples where the SSN is accepted as a working tool rather than “only” a communication tool – even in the blue collar area where not everybody owns a PC.

There is still a way to go – but we already see how the SSN changes the culture – from bottom up, with open communication and brave actions like culture hacks which would never have been possible without the SSN.



Changing to Yammer – Employee Engagement and Improved Collaboration and Leadership

While many organisations focus on digital channels for improved employee communication, Virgin Trains’ focus is on conversational leadership and face-to-face. Their internal communications and employee engagement strategy focuses on equipping leaders with the skills they need to collaborate effectively, primarily face-to-face with their teams. But with a dispersed workforce focussed on real life conversations, it’s vital to have a suite of channels to support and motivate conversations.

We’ll discuss how leaders at Virgin Trains are personally responsible for delivering the internal communications strategy in a business that believes the traditional intranet is irrelevant.

DEN CARTER Virgin Trains 


Virtual Reality for Business

Are you excited about VR and are not sure how to make it part of your business marketing and communication mix? This presentation will fast track through the different typology of VR experiences, learning about real case studies of VR in business, and giving you a better understanding on the hardware and software needed to get started.

Key takeaways:

  • Using the right terminology
  • Hardware and software landscape to generate and consume content
  • Introduction to 360 media and 3D virtual tours

PAOLO TOSOLINITosolini Productions LLC


Why is PANDORA Going All-In Digitally?

Learn how and why PANDORA, one the largest and fastest growing jewellry brands in the world with 18,000 employees, has created a PANDORA global digital workspace designed to boost organizational cohesion, transparency and corporate culture – growing into a vibrant digital workplace with a strong sense of Pride, Passion and Performance.

PANDORA has successfully launched Office 365, SharePoint Cloud, Skype for Business, OneDrive, Yammer and Windows 10 as ‘one package’ and you will learn about how the intranet team trained employees worldwide how to work in the new digital workplace named INFORA.



Chatbots – Your New Business Intern?

There’s been a lot of talk about Chatbots recently! This session will give participants a flavor of what Chatbots really are, why people are so excited about them, and how this conversational A.I can be used to help support IC, HR, IT functions as well as support a business’ wider Digital Workplace ambitions.

Key takeaways:

  • New channel ideas on how to engage with employees,
  • Tools that not only serve a purpose, that enforce brand/business tone of voice,
  • Accessible, mobile-friendly ways to help employees self-serve content and information.

TONY STEWARTscarlettabbott


Digital Leadership – Who’s the Leader of the Pack?

The ‘Digital Leader’ must have many qualities: a little ‘classic boss’, the digital competence of a start-up founder and the moderation ability of a SCRUM master. In this lecture, the key leadership characteristics will be focused in relation to organisational structures. The necessary leadership roles of the future will be outlined.

Key takeaways:

  • Digital Leader – The main requirements and expectations,
  • Leadership Models – Successful leadership in relation to organisational structure,
  • Success Factors – How can leaders get “digital”?,
  • Agile Organisation – A toolset for modern leadership,
  • Future – Challenges of the leaders of tomorrow.

DÖRTE WITTENBERG Interim Management


7 Mistakes Organisations Make with Intranet Measurement

Chris Tubb is a consultant specializing in digital workplace and intranet strategy, governance and measurement. Chris has worked with intranets since 1996 in and out of communications teams and before being a consultant was responsible for Intranet Strategy and Architecture at Orange/ France Telecom. As well as consulting and benchmarking numerous clients, Chris also publishes a blog on intranet strategy for fellow practitioners at Chris lives in Brighton in the UK with his family.

CHRIS TUBB Intranet Consultant


Conference Round Up

With Martin White, Sharon O'Dea and Morten Dal.



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