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We have 14 sessions about SharePoint & Office 365 at this year's IntraTeam Event Copenhagen. The event is held in Copenhagen from 28 of February - 2 of March.

February 28

Modern Collaboration in Team & Projects Powered by Office 365 – Part 1 & 2 

Office 365 is the collaboration toolkit for businesses. We can choose between SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and Microsoft Teams.  Choice can be good but doesn’t necessarily make our lives easier. Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP & Cloud Consultant, is going to take you on a three-hour journey through the Office 365 collaboration landscape. After this workshop, you have a clear understanding of the different tools and how these connect with each other. Making a choice has become a little bit easier.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about advantages & challenges of the modern SharePoint experiences,
  • Watch valuable demos to gain insights in the functionality of the collaboration tools within Office 365,
  • Be more confident in picking the Office 365 tools for you or your customers.



Benchmark Your Digital Workplace

In this workshop you’ll assess your own digital workplace and do some strategic thinking about where you need to be. Guided by ClearBox’s unique digital workplace framework,  I’ll explain what each of the assessment criteria mean and you will score your own organisation.  I’ll also show examples of what ‘good’ looks like in some of the leading organisations to help calibrate the evaluation. This will create a unique profile for your organisation and a set of averages from the room to give you a baseline. You’ll also be prompted to think about your future needs and what it will take to get there.

Please bring a laptop or tablet so you can take part in the scoring process.

Key takeaways:

  • You’ll get a strategic view of your digital workplace profile as a take-away chart,
  • We’ll share the average scores so you can benchmark your levels against others,
  • Attendees will be prompted to think about future needs and where to focus efforts,
  • There will be actionable advice on how to make improvements.

SAM MARSHALLClearBox Consulting Ltd. 

March 1 

Implementing an Intranet Software Product – Benefits and Risks

There are many project and business-related factors to take in to account when selecting and intranet software product, whether it is SharePoint-based or on a proprietary platform. This presentation will highlight the benefits, challenges and risks based on 15 years of experience in working on intranet CMS selection projects.

The main sections will cover

  • Making a business case,
  • Vendor assessment,
  • Benefits and risks,
  • The contract small print,
  • In three years’ time?

Key takeaways:

  • Knowing where to look in the fine print of the product description and the contract terms to ensure that the product selection is fit for purpose, not just a fit to the specification.

MARTIN WHITE - Intranet Focus Ltd 


The Key to a Successful Office 365 Implementation is Adoption

Office 365 is a fantastic Cloud platform. Lower costs, latest updates & features, highly secure and an innovation enabler for businesses all over the world. Does this imply Office 365 automatically is going to be a massive success within your business? Perhaps it is; perhaps it isn’t. Do you really want to take a risk investing time & money without knowing the outcome? My answer: Definitely not. During this session, Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP, is going to take you on an adoption journey to help you get the most out of this fantastic but sometimes challenging Cloud platform.

Key takeaways:

  • Experience real world adoption tools & examples.
  • Valuable insights in the importance of adoption for Office 365.
  • Going to feel confident to take up adoption within your own organization.



Novozymes Award Winning SharePoint Governance Framework

Novozymes won a silver award in the Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards 2016. Hear an introduction to the Governance Framework, including:

  • Identification of all the different elements of SharePoint,
  • Segregation of responsibilities of the elements to the most relevant Business area,
  • Requirements, controls, exception pathways and the governance dashboard that can give the full status of all the requirements,
  • The management of the framework by a steering committee (selected by business drivers),
  • Experience with implementation of the framework, and major takeaways.

Key takeaways:

  • You will be able to identify the parts of SharePoint that needs governance,
  • The framework lets you pick and choose the extent of governance you can manage now, and expand later,
  • You will have a new approach to operation of governance, and of manning steering committees.



Using Video to Inform, Engage and Entertain 

10 years ago we were told that video would change the intranet – It didn’t. What went wrong and how might things change in the future?

In this session we will explore the following:

  • Why isn’t video more popular on intranets?
  • What makes good video content
  • Technical considerations
  • Video on a budget
  • The future of video in the workplace

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of the scenarios in which video can be effective
  • The technical considerations
  • Ideas for producing video content on a limited budget

JOHN SCOTTContent Formula 


Engineering a World-Class Intranet 

When AMEC Foster Wheeler merged in November 2014, Tereza Urbankova, Head of Global Communications, saw the opportunity to create a new digital workplace. 18 months later she is well on the way to realising that dream. Mergers are never a good time to implement a brand new all-singing social intranet, but Tereza bided her time, working through 4 versions of platforms, to deliver a winning strategy for the combined company.

Key takeaways:

  • A successful case study from a very complex environment,
  • Examples of engaging audiences in a globally dispersed company pre, on Day 1 and beyond,
  • How technology helped improved engagement and collaboration globally.



IntranetPrize 2017 

The prize is awarded by IntraTeam to an organization having demonstrated an exceptional effort to acquire or develop an effective and highly used intranet/digital workplace adding significant value. 



March 2

Intelligent Intranets – Connected, Search-Driven, and Mobile 

“I’m not sure what an Intelligent Intranet is, but I know what a dumb Intranet is – that’s what I’m using!”

This session defines what Intelligent Intranets are and covers 4 example projects to illustrate the key attributes involved.   Search is a central capability as it provides find-ability, discovery, and proactive suggestions that are a big part of the “intelligence”.     We’ll delve into delve as well, covering the current capabilities and gaps around Microsoft’s support for more intelligent Intranets.  Two of the projects we cover leverage the Office Graph within Office 365.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the essential elements of an Intelligent – driven intranet and how they change the user experience and the publishing approach,
  • Identify common patterns in presenting information in Intelligent – driven intranets, and how to personalize this presentation effectively,
  • Learn how to apply information architecture across multiple systems and how to compensate for the lack of a cohesive metadata system.



SharePoint Online and Office 365




Why is PANDORA Going All-In Digitally? 

Learn how and why PANDORA, one the largest and fastest growing jewellry brands in the world with 18,000 employees, has created a PANDORA global digital workspace designed to boost organizational cohesion, transparency and corporate culture – growing into a vibrant digital workplace with a strong sense of Pride, Passion and Performance.

PANDORA has successfully launched Office 365, SharePoint Cloud, Skype for Business, OneDrive, Yammer and Windows 10 as ‘one package’ and you will learn about how the intranet team trained employees worldwide how to work in the new digital workplace named INFORA.


7 Mistakes Organisations Make with Intranet Measurement 

Measuring intranets is one area that doesn’t ever seem to improve – it’s really hard to do! Why is this? This presentation explains the reasons that organizations struggle to quantify and prove the use and benefits of their intranets.

Key takeaways:

  • Why web analytics platforms are not really meant for internal audiences
  • Measuring communications and their effects in the real world
  • How targets change what you measure
  • What are the common mistakes organizations make with measuring content and user engagement
  • Being clear about your true motivations for measuring intranet
  • Why the most important place to start is your intranet or communications strategy

CHRIS TUBBIntranet Consultant 


Search – 2 Sessions 

Session 1 – Search in SharePoint and Office 365 – how to create a good search experience!

Today SharePoint and Office 365 is a very common platform for intranets, collaboration, document handling etc. But how does search in SharePoint/Office365 actually work – can your users find what they are looking for?

In this session Mikael will present some concrete search solution examples that helps the users search and find the information they need.

Key takeaways:

  • Hybrid search in SharePoint/Office 365 – how does it look from a user perspective?
  • Real world examples on how other has created good search solutions,
  • Understanding of how you can develop your own search (the key areas to work with).


Session 2 - Enterprise Search – Tales From the Trenches

 This talk focuses on enterprise search in IKON, (Information and Knowledge ONline) a multi award winning implementation of SharePoint 2013 in the Irish Defence Forces as a complete intranet solution.

This highly engaging, no holes barred session,  covers the academic research behind the project, the design, build and implementation of the search solution in SharePoint 2013.  The highs, the lows, and the future plans for search, including delve, searching video content, and much more. Presented by Major Barry Byrne, project and programme lead for IKON and Chief Information and Knowledge Management Officer for the Irish Defence Forces.

Key takeaways:

  • Taxonomy, Ontology, Folksonomy,
  • Enterprise Social in Search,
  • What search shouldn’t find!!!
  • Discover-ability issues,
  • Enterprise-wide thinking in the design stage.

BARRY BYRNE Irish Defence Forces

Conference Round Up

With Martin White, Sharon O'Dea and Morten Dal. 



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