Social Intranet Deep-Dive. Summary of the Session at Intranet Global Forum

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By Toby Ward and Carmine Porco, Prescient Digital Media

Toby and Carmine presented a survey on the Intranet Global Forum which they have conducted in cooporation with IABC. 1,401 persons have answered the survey.

Here are my notes and wrap up of the tweets from  the session.

Blogs are popular

75% of the organisations that have intranet 2.0 tools have blogs.

Number of social tools

6 out of 10 have more than one tool, and they consider instant messaging an intranet 2.0 tool.

Multilingual intranets

A vast majority of the attendees have multilingual intranets and 2/3 are using SharePoint in one form or another. 55% of the respondents in the survey used SharePoint.

Have not chosen SharePoint

Not many in the audience have chosen SharePoint on their own initiative. It was decided by IT or others.

Low budgets for social media

Only two people in the audience have purchased a commercial product to power social media. The rest are using what they can get their hands on. According to the survey, 38% have spent less than USD 10,000 on social media for their intranet.

Blurring lines

There are blurring lines among portal, CMS and social media solutions for intranet.

Executive blogs

One out of four in the audience has the executive writing blogs.

More than a few features

According to Toby Ward,  you need more than a few features to have a social intranet.

The biggest contributors

Communications, customer service and marketing are the biggest contributors on the social intranets.

Low spend and low satisfaction

There is a pattern of low spend and low satisfaction with corporate social media on the intranet.

Lots of governance

72% that use social media have governance, policies and standards in place. You can see BT’s social media guidelines here.

Cisco Quad – collaboration platform

Cisco has developed their own simple, stripped mobile multiplatform

The unique feature about social intranets

A social intranet considers employee behaviour in order to create a truly collaborative and integrated social experience. It  also integrates content and tasks.



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