What are and will be the biggest challenges for intranet/Digital Workplace responsible in the forthcoming years?

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18 out of 34 speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2016 told us what they think are and will be the biggest challenges for intranet/Digital Workplace responsible in the forthcoming years?

You can read the answers here and your comments are appreciated.

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Neil Morgan, Richemont International: 

Defining what content to distribute to whom via which device. Maintaining the appropriate governance of the content. 

Steve SaleAstraZeneca:

Getting the die hard ‘old schoolers’ to let go of the past and for out dated policies, especially around security, to be updated to meet modern day demands.  Corporations are, understandably, very risk adverse to such changes and getting the business attention to amend these can prove incredibly difficult.

Virpi OinonenBusiness Goes Social:

Not integrating with people’s day to day work. 

Christian Carlsson, Grundfos:

To learn to stay away from the large projects and infrastructures, and to instead build a fluid and agile setup for the employees – with the employees.

Frank Sielaff, Merck:

Crossing the chasm from the tech-savvy to the laggard employees. 

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Hubert Turaj, EDISONDA:

I guess it is mainly about keeping up with the outside world, which is changing really fast. As we conduct ethnographic research we are constantly observing SUNCS phenomenon. (Secretly Using Non-Corporate Software). It’s not because people want to break the rules for its own sake but because they are lacking some features or the efficiency of corporate systems is poor.

Jeff FriedBA Insight:

Maintaining pragmatic progress in the face of constant organizational and technology changes. 

Lars ThostrupDanske Bank:

Ensuring good governance and right use of tools in an organization where the business changes faster and faster.

Luis Suarez:

Security, privacy and data ownership / protection. In an increasing surveillance driven business world security, privacy and data ownership / protection will be the major challenges for every single organisation, whether large corporation or small / medium business. It’s the Web we have created today that we will have to handle and deal with tomorrow.

Marc D. AndersonSympraxis Consulting LLC:

Technology tools are moving too fast for anyone to keep up. 

Ralf Larsson, Electrolux:

To have a united and agreed upon approach for Intranet vs Digital Workplace. 

Steve BynghallTwo Hives:

Maintaining governance, avoiding fragmentation and keeping up with user expectations and behavior. 

Dennis AgusiPhilips:

Integration with other business applications will be one of the biggest challenges for digital workplace owners.

Jean-Luc Abelin, LAFARGE:

Change the habits, IT infrastructure, propose an exciting content.. and keep it alive. 

Richard GeraGlaxoSmithKline:

Information security. Balancing features and user experience against cost management.  Intranet politics likely will not go away.

Shaula Zanchi, Robin Partington & Partners:

Convincing Management Team/Board etc. that success can be delivered…

Kevin AustinShell International:

Security will be a huge challenge, with mobile being the preferred platform it will be about how you can protect your information whilst making it easy for staff to access.

Hanna KarppiSkanska:

Change of culture, Implementation + trainings, conflicts with IT when it comes to technical solutions (they shouldn’t drive the development)

Kaisa Hilden, Yleisradio:

The employee’s willingness to collaborate and their understanding on how collaborating changes the work. Also ability to use and adopt the collaboration tools (including information security).

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