What role will ESN’s play in the forthcoming years?

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18 out of 34 speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2016 have giving us their thoughts about what role ESN will play in the forthcoming years. 

You can read the answers here and your comments are appreciated.

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Neil Morgan, Richemont International: 

They will completely replace (integrated) commenting on the Intranet. Core collaboration tool for external communities/teams.

Steve SaleAstraZeneca:

The corporate intranet will likely follow the trends of the intranet and ESNs shall become central to the intranet experience.  More so as the work from home culture continues to grow and become far more common place.

Virpi OinonenBusiness Goes Social:

Increasingly replacing internal email and becoming the default project communication tool. 

Christian Carlsson, Grundfos:

It will just be part of the intranet.

Frank Sielaff, Merck:

Replace parts of our organizational structures. 

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Hubert Turaj, EDISONDA:

The role of digital collaboration will be growing but I do not believe that ESN’s will make the ‘traditional’ intranet obsolete. All big companies will sooner or later adopt some kind of social platform and discussion board for professional use. However there still will be need for specific tools just like in “real world” social media cannot substitute specific tools and systems.

Jeff FriedBA Insight:

Enterprise Social Networks will fade as a distinct component and become simply part of the Intranet/Digital Workplace. 

Lars ThostrupDanske Bank:

With increased globalization of the workforce, enterprise social network is a key element in knowledge sharing across locations and sense of belonging and team spirit.

Luis Suarez:

Transform the way knowledge workers collaborate, share their knowledge, innovate and get work done more effectively, not only internally, but also externally with their customers and business partners. ESNs will help democratise the hierarchy to the point of making it redundant, obsolete and awkward to work with. They will inspire a new wave of connected leadership not lived, nor experienced, before.

Marc D. AndersonSympraxis Consulting LLC:

Not at all clear. There may be a backlash, as ESN is not proving as important as many foresaw.

Ralf Larsson, Electrolux:

Being the glow that connects everyone. 

Steve BynghallTwo Hives:

The key communication channel and a social component for the majority of processes. 

Dennis AgusiPhilips:

ESN’s will play a more prominent role in the upcoming years and fully integrated into business applications.

Jean-Luc Abelin, LAFARGE:

Increase the collaborative working, suppress silos and borders. 

Richard GeraGlaxoSmithKline:

Increased interest and adoption to support increased collaboration across boundaries (geographical, cultural etc). 

Shaula Zanchi,Robin Partington & Partners:

Intranets must be more than ESN!

Kevin AustinShell International:

ESN’s are at a tipping point, big business have had them for years now so the focus has shifted from adoption to value. As we see more about how ESN’s can impact the bottom line and the method of implementing them is refined I believe you will see ESN’s become deeply embedded in company culture.

Hanna KarppiSkanska:

Building of culture, enabling free communications and information flow without middle management being “the blockage”. 

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Kaisa Hilden, Yleisradio:

ESN becomes everyday business when even more enterprises see the benefits of collaboration. 

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