What role will mobile intranets play the forthcoming years?

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17 out of 34 speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2016 told us what role the mobile intranets will play in the forthcoming years. 

You can read the answers here and your comments are appreciated.

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Neil Morgan, Richemont International: 

Primary access point when out of the office and you need to find internal information. Primary method for contributing to your respective communities.

Steve SaleAstraZeneca:

At AZ, the mobile intranet is proving to be critical to our business. 

Christian Carlsson, Grundfos:

It will just be part of the intranet.

Frank Sielaff, Merck:

Will no longer work without mobile intranet. 

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Hubert Turaj, EDISONDA:

The mobile domination is obvious even in the corporate world now. As the enterprise systems will be adjusting to user’s habits from private life, the intranets will have to respect those needs as well. In a few years most of the intranets will be designed as ‘mobile first’, except for the document editing and sharing features which still will require bigger screens. As we are observing the shift to remote work and working all around the clock the intranets will be used more and more outside corporate networks and VPN’s which might be a challenge for IT security but will be necessity required by users.

Jeff FriedBA Insight:

The majority of intranet interactions will be mobile by 2019. 

Lars ThostrupDanske Bank:

Our early experiences show a big motivation to consume and collaborate from mobile devices independent of time and space. We want to support that and be ready for new business opportunities in a mobile context.

Luis Suarez:

Critical. If it is not in my mobile device, it just doesn’t exist. Let’s not forget, work is no longer a physical place, but a state of mind and therefore I need to be able to take it wherever I may well be. Regardless. And for each and every single employee, why I mentioned earlier on that each employee will become their own CIO within their organisations.

Marc D. AndersonSympraxis Consulting LLC:

Everything should have a mobile experience. Everything. 

Ralf Larsson, Electrolux:

Be the number one channel!

Steve BynghallTwo Hives:

Most channels will be optimized for mobile by default so the concept of “mobile intranet” becomes redundant. Hopefully!

Dennis AgusiPhilips:

Mobile intranets will become the standard in the upcoming years.

Jean-Luc Abelin, LAFARGE:

Give an easy access to all content for all people whatever they will be. 

Richard GeraGlaxoSmithKline:

Mobile intranet will become the intranet, there will be no desktop intranet.

Shaula Zanchi, Robin Partington & Partners:

Intranets can be helping with KPIs… We are working on it!

Kevin AustinShell International:

Lots of companies are already shifting to a mobile first strategy. I believe this will continue and include intranets so mobile will be the way to go.

Hanna KarppiSkanska:

Key role. Work is mobile.

Kaisa Hilden, Yleisradio:

Mobile intranet becomes everyday business (hopefully quite soon).

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