What will be missing on the intranet in 3 years?

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16 out of 34 speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2016 told us what they think will be missing on the intranet in 3 years time. 

You can read what they think below and your comments are appreciated.

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Neil Morgan, Richemont International: 

Profile photos. 

Christian Carlsson, Grundfos:

The flaming logo’s and the funny cat videos (but oh how we will miss it!).

Frank Sielaff, Merck:

Organizational Hierarchy. 

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Hubert Turaj,EDISONDA:

That is really difficult question. I assume there will be less manual work and adjustment, creating rights and access management. Some popular elements, like address book, might be less necessary as the system will know the user better and suggest the right person.

Jeff FriedBA Insight:

The corporate directory will continue on its decline into chaos. 

Lars ThostrupDanske Bank:

Good question! Hopefully, old content in dated CMS systems.

Luis Suarez:

The Intranet itself. It will be gone as we know it today, as vast majority of work interactions will be happening beyond the firewall where both customers and business partners are already collaborating and sharing their knowledge across amongst themselves.

Marc D. AndersonSympraxis Consulting LLC:

Super-duper branding, which is mainly unnecessary.

Ralf Larsson, Electrolux:

Outdated static content. The notion of “one single portal”. Old technical solutions. 

Steve BynghallTwo Hives:

That beautifully integrated experience between all channels. 

Dennis AgusiPhilips:

Navigation structure. 

Jean-Luc Abelin, LAFARGE:

Multilinguism &  powerful search engine. 

Richard GeraGlaxoSmithKline:

Vanity sites will die out and be replaced by a mix of ESN and more structured information repositories. 

Shaula Zanchi,Robin Partington & Partners:

Depends on the Companies… most will remain stuck in their old ways of thinking.  

Kevin AustinShell International:

Information overload, intranet developers will need to produce refined content for the ‘grab and go’ mobile market.

Hanna KarppiSkanska:

Documents (most), management system like solutions and features. 

Kaisa Hilden, Yleisradio:

In 3 years traditional front page has transformed to a personalized portal to the services I need and use the most.

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