Where do you see the intranet in 3 years?

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24 out of 36 speakers from IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017 told us where they think the intranet will be in 3 years. 

You can read the answers below and your comments are appreciated.


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Chris Tubb – Chris Tubb Consulting services

Cloud based but still struggling with the people factors it always has done.

Jason McCullagh – BA Insight 

Features and functionality will probably be mostly the same however I see a lot more focus on access and making the intranet available. Thus, on mobile, on tablet devices along with the traditional desktop access. This idea of mobile may mean that Intranets become more image lead i.e. very much responsive design.

Jesper Oostervald – Sparked 

Still “stuck” in a hierarchal and traditional Intranet configuration: News, birthdays, my documents and company Twitter integration. 

From five to ten years from now, the Intranet as we know it will slowly disappear. People want to work with the tools they need on a day to day basis. Especially within Office 365. Groups, Teams, Yammer, Outlook or SharePoint. They will start their day with one of these tools and not an Intranet homepage.

Lee Bryant – Postshift 

The Intranet will merge with Enterprise Social Networks to become the commas layer of the emerging digital hub

Ravi Mynamparty – Harvard Business School 

It will incorporate an increasing number of tools which will cry out for a unified UI to package them all together for the end-user.

Paolo Tosolini – Tosolini Productions 

The intranet will be increasingly mobile for both content creation and consumption.

Clare Clark – BBC 

Will it even exist? I think so, but integration and search across platforms will be key.


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Henrik Sunnefeldt - SKF 

Depends how you define Intranet. I anticipate a much more operational solution tightly connected to/ or main gate of the Digital Workplace

John Scott – Content Formula 

Less and less on servers behind the firewall (on premise). A more holistic digital workplace – with a consistent interface where users don’t know what system they are really using. A higher level of professionalism in UX and less ‘home baked’ intranets.

Tony Stewart – Scarlettabbott 

As part of a wider digital workplace – but defining the part it plays in a suite of tools is critical – I don’t believe this has happened. 

Jenny varley & Dee Gosney – HSBC 

Mobile-first digital platform accessible across all devices serving personalised content based on user needs. 

Sam Marshall – ClearBox Consulting 

The purpose of an intranet is being challenged in an era of social, mobile and collaboration platforms.  It will be either all of these or back to mainly a publishing platform. 

Tereza Urbankova – Amec Foster Wheeler 

There will be more collaborative platforms than standard intranets.

Dörte Wittenberg -  Interim Management

A highly individualized, interactive and intelligent platform, that is open to employees  as well as customers and partners. 

Sabine Kluge – Siemens AG

It will be THE platform for collaboration (today “only” communication but people will adopt) And it will to a high degree substitute eMail.

Steve Bynghall-Two Hives 

Further integrated with the experience of the wider digital workplace..but still an intranet. I think there will be increasing dominance of Office 365.

Emanuele Quintarelli – EY

The real question is where do you see communities of human beings in intranets in 3 years? I would say definitely at the center.

Thomas Borch – Novozymes A/S 

The intranet will develop more into a collaboration/social platform, with focus on finding the expert. The navigation will move to the background and will be replaced by search, or by search driven applications.

Thomas Maeder – Swisscom AG

A more intelligent, intuitive Employee Portal that connects the Company and delivers valuable communication, collaboration and daily work support.

Agnieszka Haladus – Trans.eu 

A typical intranet will be replaced by collaborative platforms like e.g. Workplace by Facebook, where all the employees can influence internal communication and have impact on information flow.

Richard Howat – Balfour Beatty 

“Survival is not mandatory.”

Jonathan Seal – Mando 

In most organisations… right where it is today! Stuck in a paradigm that places systems above people and damages businesses because it acts as a barrier to our talent.

More enlightened organisations, however, are rising to the challenge and focusing on the kinds of things that are making the digital workplace fit for purpose; AI, conversational interfaces, predictive analytics, and spilling into the physical world with sensors and Iot. 

Leon Benjamin - Sei Mani 

Most Intranets of large companies won’t change because their built on technologies that make it hard and expensive to modernize.

Smaller progressive companies will figure out what their companies might look like without a website in the middle.

Ernst Decsey - UNICEF 

 Much closer to his/her commercial website brothers and sisters in terms of UI/UX and features.


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