Which role will mobile intranet play the forthcoming years?

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23 out of 36 speakers from the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017 told us which role the mobile intranet will play the forthcomming years.

You can read the answers below and your comments are appreciated.

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Chris Tubb – Chris Tubb Consulting services

Increasingly important but this will move much slower that we expect because of restrictions of MDM clients.


Jason McCullagh – BA Insight

They will be the most important part of the intranet – in my opinion.
Look how much time people spend on their mobile devices and people spend more time on the move and out of the office…… the mobile worker has never been so popular.

Jasper Oostervald – Sparked

Responsive & mobile Intranets were, until one or two years ago, a nice to have. These days it’s a must have for all companies. Employees are mobile with smart phones and tablets. They expect a fluid Intranet user experience on their mobile devices compared to their public facing Internet counterparts. Intranets will become: mobile first.

Lee Bryant – Postshift

Social networking will be much more important than corporate comms on mobile, but there will still be a need to search for some information on the intranet when mobile.

Ravi Mynamparty – Harvard Business School

Mobile is the future, it will dominate in the Intranet space.

Paolo Tosolini – Tosolini Productions

Mobile is already key today and will need to offer an equivalent experience of the desktop

Clare Clark – BBC

An essential one!


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Henrik Sunnefeldt - SKF

Depends on industry, work-role and the overall mobile strategy in the company. If more employees were equipped with mobile and more systems promoted mobile, then it would play a larger role. For people on the road it will be very important I foresee.

John Scott – Content Formula

The concierge aspects of the modern intranet will translate well to mobile devices, as the intranet will know more about users and present only relevant information to them – making it easier to navigate on smaller screens.

Jenny varley & Dee Gosney – HSBC

Key role 

Sam Marshall – ClearBox Consulting

We won’t think of them as ‘moble intranets’, just a mobile view on elements of our digital workpalces.

Tereza Urbankova – Amec Foster Wheeler

A huge one as the whole world is going mobile.

Dörte Wittenberg -  Wittenberg Consulting

A crucial one … 

Sabine Kluge – Siemens AG

They will become the corporate brains – with all light and all shadow possible

Steve Bynghall -Two Hives

Clearly the emphasis on mobile intranets at the moment seems to be as a way to reach frontline employees who do not have access to desks. I wonder if there will be more emphasis on the mobile intranet to control elements of the physical workplace environment, in the same way it is happening in the consumer world via the internet of things. 

Emanuele Quintarelli – EY

A growing, priority role to give access to a broader portion of the workforce, in a more convenient and personalized way. We are still very far from it.

Thomas Borch – Novozymes A/S

It will keep growing in use, but desktop access will still be main entrance for most employees.

Thomas Maeder – Swisscom AG

Mobile access/user experience will be just commodity and a necessity.

Richard Howat – Balfour Beatty

Already in the UK, smartphones are the primary source of news for 1 in 3 adults (Press Gazette). There’s a shift away from the traditional desktop use that changes the rules of engagement. That change is very marked with younger users. How many websites do your children ever visit now? Have they ever sent an email?

Agnieszka Haladus – Trans.eu

Mobile intranets are helpful for employees who e.g. are often on business trips and travel a lot, but on the other hand they do not allow to forget about your job in evening hours and in your free time, that is why many employees do not want to use them at all.

Jonathan Seal – Mando

It really depends on the kind of organisation we’re talking about. There are still many businesses where mobile is at most a niche case, but for many organisations mobile access is critical and BYOD has significant value. We’ve seen clients overhaul their entire digital workplace simply to better serve their mobile workforce better.
In a customer-facing world we wouldn’t dream of compromising the experience so drastically by not optimising for multiple device. I think we’ll see the same pattern occur as it has many times before with employee experience trailing a few years behind (and a few notches below) the consumer experience.

Leon Benjamin - Sei Mani

Small role.  Content on Intranets isn’t interesting enough!

Ernst Decsey - UNICEF

Stronger role, will become natural to be able to consult Intranets while on the go.

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