Who will be responsible for the intranet in 3 years?

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23 out of 36 speakers from IntraTram Event Copenhagen 2017 have answered our question about who they think will be responsible for the intranet in 3 years. 

You can read the answers below and your comments are appreciated.

Chris Tubb – Chris Tubb Consulting services

Intranet teams within larger digital workplace functions.

Jason McCullagh – BA Insight 

The business as it should be now. IT will be the facilitators. The guys who provide the platform for the business to run.

Jasper Oostervald – Sparked

IT is always going to be responsible for the technical, infrastructure & architecture, side of an Intranet. Making sure the Intranet keeps running and is constantly available. That’s it. 
There is a whole generation being brought up with Apps they can use by themselves. Without the help of IT. This generation are becoming “Modern Workplace Power Users” and are going to take the lead. They want to get the job done and they can do this by themselves. More important, they want to do this by themselves.

Lee Bryant – Postshift

Comms as now, but the other functions of a digital hub will involve various other stakeholders

Ravi Mynamparty – Harvard Business School

I hope it will be a role, person, or team that is interested in understanding user needs.

Paolo Tosolini – Tosolini Productions

IT for the infrastructure (mostly cloud) and Internal comms / marketing for content

Clare Clark – BBC

It varies today depending on the main purpose of the intranet and the industry you work in.  And I don’t think this will change.

Henrik Sunnefeldt - SKF

A program manager probably sitting in a Communication staff function

John Scott – Content Formula

Digital Workplace Managers (with experience in Communications, IT and UX)

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Tony Stewart – Scarlettabbott 

Each business should have a dedicated Digital Workplace expert, supporting the business to ensure employees are able to work in smart, efficient ways using the technology we have at our disposal. 

Jenny varley & Dee Gosney – HSBC


Sam Marshall – ClearBox Consulting

Still Comms. 

Tereza Urbankova – Amec Foster Wheeler 

Communications and IT.

Dörte Wittenberg -  Wittenberg Consulting

Everybody, who wishes to contribute content and interact with others. Hopefully more and more leaders and C-Level Managers.

Sabine Kluge – Siemens AG

Today I see in many big companies that it is (strangely) not IT; it is Communications and it will stick there – maybe shared with HR, but this is a daydream…;-D


Steve Bynghall -Two Hives

The usual suspects – Comms, IT, HR, Knowledge Management. But hopefully there will be more cross-functional structures reflecting digital workplace governance.

Emanuele Quintarelli – EY

A multistakeholder committee (Business, HR, International Communication, IT, etc) as it would have to be since the beginning.

Thomas Borch – Novozymes A/S

Communication and IT departments.

Thomas Maeder – Swisscom AG

It will still be Corporate Communications aligned with HR, IT and the Business.

Agnieszka Haladus – Trans.eu

Teams dedicated to such topics as internal communication and employee branding.

Jonathan Seal – Mando

I’d love to say that in 3 years a suite of business AI entities will fulfil a large proportion of what’s currently handled within an intranet, but it’s probably too optimistic. Certainly a large proportion of knowledge management and transactions (e.g. HR functions) could be heavily supported by ‘bots although the responsibility will still rest with the relevant teams.

Richard Howat – Balfour Beatty 

It would be truly interesting if it was based more on what the users need rather than much of what the publishers want to deliver. The transformation and ongoing development then becomes everyone’s job.

Leon BenjaminSei Mani

Internal comms although this needs to change. 

Ernst Decsey - UNICEF 

 Clever people like those who will attend the IntraTeam event 
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