Will the intranet be all apps?

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19 out of 36 speakers from the IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017  told us if the think the intranet will be all apps. 

You can read the answers below and your comments are appreciated.


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Chris Tubb – Chris Tubb Consulting services

No – the intranet will still be perceived as a browser based customized corporate front door to a world of content tools and services.

Jason McCullagh – BA Insight 

Politicians answer – maybe. The reason for the maybe is, don’t shoe horn things into an intranet that should not reside there. Ideally, an intranet should be the first port of call for content even if that is just the search portal to find information but this is not always possible.

Jasper Oostervald – Sparked

Not within the next three years. The focus just started to shift towards responsive and mobile accessible Intranets. But, eventually yes.

Lee Bryant – Postshift

Platfrom + apps.

Ravi Mynamparty – Harvard Business School 

It will be mostly apps along with some miscellaneous content.

Paolo Tosolini – Tosolini Productions

Apps are practical and offer a better UI on mobile. Intranets should offer the same functionality of the desktop experience through  mobile.

John Scott – Content Formula

No. Providing information and guidance doesn’t always require an ‘app’.

Tony Stewart – Scarlettabbott

Not necessarily apps, but specific ‘do one thing really well’ platforms, accessible through multiple channels that allow employees to do the things they need to do with apps built purely for that purpose. 

Sam Marshall – ClearBox Consulting

No. Apps are on their way out.

Dörte Wittenberg -  Wittenberg Consulting

At least, there will be a lot of apps integrated in an overall framework.

Steve Bynghall -Two Hives

I think that’s more about rebranding different capabilities as apps so yes, perhaps!

Emanuele Quintarelli – EY

Apps will be just one of the channels for getting access to information. A seamless, more-integrated and better orchestrated experience will also emerge both on the desktop and mobile side.

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Thomas Borch – Novozymes A/S

 The intranet on the PC will still have a prominent role, but there will be a push towards having all information available on mobile apps as well.

Thomas Maeder – Swisscom AG

Core functionalities will be available as standalone apps as well as integrated into an overall user experience.

Jonathan Seal – Mando

Unlikely, and certainly not a “one app to rule them all” scenario. While apps are great for really specific use cases, the broad demands of most knowledge workers in an intranet makes this impractical. Like in many areas of our lives I see a blend of apps, conversational UI and more traditional interfaces to suit different needs.

Richard Howat – Balfour Beatty 

No, but people will expect to have an experience as mobile and as easy/quick as apps provide. 

Agnieszka Haladus – Trans.eu

No. After a real boom of apps in every possible field, they are currently losing their popularity among users. In our company e.g. mobile apps of Workplace are not popular at all. People prefer its desktop version.

Leon Benjamin - Sei Mani

Not in the near future because companies will need more time to develop capabilities to create and manage consumer style app stores. 

Ernst Decsey - UNICEF 

No but specific apps that talk to each other and fully grasps the power of mobile devices will be increasingly available and the overall UI/UX of the desktop version will be influenced by the simplicity of apps.

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