Will Workplace by Facebook be a challenge to the intranet and the digital workplaces?

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22 out of 36 speakers at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2017 told us if workplace by Facebok will be a challenge to the intranet and digital workplaces. 

You can read the answers below and your comments are appreciated.

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Chris Tubb – Chris Tubb Consulting services

It is just another cloud-based platform but with probably the least proven and least trustworthy vendor. It does not change the fundamental problems of digital workplace management, intranet management or community management.

Jason McCullagh – BA Insight 

From a commercial aspect, yes probably. They can invest heavily and make it work. The bigger question is around the governance. Business will just have to be more aware and set policies to manage ‘Workplace by Facebook’. My guess is that it will become another tool to use and over time will become the norm. Note – people will have to be responsible too, understanding what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ acceptable at work is important regardless of the mechanism or technology.

Jasper Oostervald – Sparked

My expectation is as follows: Companies connected with Microsoft as Office 365 customer won’t need to use FB for Work. Microsoft has the same tools available. These tools are already included in the Office 365 licenses and don’t require additional fees or configuration.
Companies not bound to Office 365 are more tent to move forward to third party solutions such as FB for work.

Ravi Mynamparty – Harvard Business School

I am skeptical that it will present a challenge.  My feeling is that workers will have “yet-another-social-network” fatigue and so will not adopt it.

Paolo Tosolini – Tosolini Productions

It depends on its ability to organize content. I don’t know enough about the platform so I can’t comment

Clare Clark – BBC

Possibly, but will need to be complemented by robust document management systems.

Henrik Sunnefeldt - SKF

I know very little about it but I doubt it would be challenges that are not present already today with the social/ collaboration platforms

John Scott – Content Formula

Given their resources and experience, Workplace is likely to be a well-designed and powerful tool. It will probably be a good choice for many businesses. It will also drive improvement and further innovation amongst other digital workplace tool providers. It may even create a whole ecosystem for providers – with demand for plugins and complimentary services.

Tony Stewart Scarlettabbott 

Facebook@Work / Workplace is a great conversational layer and signposting tool, and offers the opportunity to help employees work in a more conversational way. But given how wedded employees are to email and documents, it will struggle to change working practices in all but the most forward thinking organisations.  But its opportunities for Internal Communications are vast, but is not a golden bullet for digital IC. 

Sam Marshall – ClearBox Consulting

Yes, it is low-cost and has a big marketing machine behind it.

Tereza Urbankova – Amec Foster Wheeler 

It is a fair competitor.  Thought this was more about competing with Yammer than with digital workplaces. 

Dörte Wittenberg -  Wittenberg Consulting

Depends on the development of facebook concerning security and data protection – if it is seen as trustworthy alternative probably a bigger one, than we consider today…

Sabine Kluge – Siemens AG 

Hmmm…the image of FB and Mr. Zuckerberg in special is so critically considered in the professional world at least in Germany…hard to imagine…

Steve Bynghall -Two Hives

Possibly if they choose to integrate convincingly with Office 365 and develop their partner ecosystem to deliver integrations and apps.

Emanuele Quintarelli – EY

It will be the new shiny object. Will it ever become an enterprise solution and thus a mean to answer most of the pressing collaboration needs in large organizations? The jury is still out.

Thomas Borch – Novozymes A/S

No. There are already many other solutions that can do much of the same

Thomas Maeder – Swisscom AG

For some (smaller and younger) organizations it could serve as an Intranet, for others (older and larger) organization it might be used as the social communication layer for the whole organization.

Jonathan Seal – Mando

Initially no. I’m not convinced that a lot of businesses, especially those in regulated, sensitive or highly competitive markets will be comfortable putting their key internal systems and data in the hands of an organisation with such a grey track record in how they hold, share and commercialise customer data.
That’s not to say that companies haven’t already adopted it, just what I’ve seen has been for things like sharing photos, promoting culture, and maybe acting as a giant Pinterest board or light touch ideas sharing, not what I’d think of as enterprise level Intranet.
As we saw with cloud generally, however, over time the reassurances, commercials and product maturity will reach a tipping point and more major players will make the move. It all depends on whether Facebook can avoid a
catastrophic-level event for long enough to weather the initial resistance and scepticism and build momentum.

Richard Howat – Balfour Beatty 

It’s a challenge if you don’t recognise what you can do that’s powerful and useful vs what Facebook or others will be better at.

Agnieszka Haladus – Trans.eu

Absolute yes 

Leon Benjamin - Sei Mani

No.  Not enough functionality around digital publishing, work flow and business rules.


Ernst Decsey - UNICEF 

 It will be an influencer.
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