Your Intranet Predictions 2012: Results

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Mobile intranet will break through in 2012. At least that is what will happen according to those, who answered our intranet predictions for 2012 survey.

We asked you to choose up to five of 28 statements related to intranet or the digital workplace and close to 40% believe that we will see mobile intranets break through this year.

Our survey also shows that 33% of the respondents believe that governance will be even more important in 2012, 32% say that the use of video will increase and 31% that collaboration will be a more popular term than web 2.0.

Following these three answers, about 25% predict that more tasks will be solved through the digital workplace, that more systems will be integrated in the digital workplace and that more companies will work strategically with the digital workplace.

More on Mobile intranet

At IntraTeam, we have seen the first attempts of early mobile intranet solutions and at this year’s IntraTeam Event we are happy to welcome Sharon O’dea, who will present the award winning mobile intranet of the UK Houses of Parliaments

Last year we also hosted a workshop with Martin White about mobile intranet – Read some notes from the workshop or read more about mobile intranet

IntraTeam Event 2012

At IntraTeam Event, we are able to offer workshops about the popular predictions for 2012, and you might be interested in reading more about the following presentations:

Governance workshops with Jane McConnell and Mark Morrell 

Workshop about video on the intranet

SharePoint 2010 as a collaborative platform with Jeff Willinger

The registration for IntraTeam Event 2012 is still open - register here

Program: February 28February 29March 1



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