Conversational Leadership by David Gurteen

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In this talk, David Gurteen will introduce the concept of Conversational Leadership.
Conversational Leadership is a style of working where everyone in an organization understands the transformative power of conversation.
They take an open, conversational approach to the way that they work and interact with people.
They purposefully nurture and stimulate the natural conversations that take place in an organization.
They are "Conversation Architects" - they identify the conversations that are needed; the questions to trigger them and they design the processes to convene and host them.
Conversational practices include dialogue, anecdote circles, knowledge cafes, after action reviews, peer assists, storytelling, communities of practice, randomized coffee trials and much more.
Conversational Leadership is not just for managers but is for anyone who wishes to work more effectively.

 See the presentation from IntraTeam Event 2015. (Only for attendees) 




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