Yammer in Grundfos, From 0 - 1500 in three weeks - Interview with Martin Risgaard

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Martin Risgaard spoke at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen about Yammer in a global context.

The video is an interview with Martin Risgaard after his presentation.

Grundfos launched its first Yammer pilot to a group of 50 members, but within a few weeks this had grown into a network of several hundred people all over the world. Today Grundfos have 4000 members in a thriving community. Yet there are still plenty of things to do. Martin will share the story of the Grundfos journey on Yammer and also what he and his colleagues have learned – and been surprised by – during the first 10 months of Yammin’. 

  • It all starts with a purpose... 
  • Projects, Yammer, and the Pareto Principle 
  • The importance of being visible (and Earnest…) 
  • Security, control and community management 


The Interview was produced by:

International conference on intranet

Make your intranet more efficiant and get ideas on how you can create value on you intranet at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014



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