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Almost 6 months ago me and my co-author Henrik Gustafsson published the Swedish version of our book about digital workplaces, called "Den digitala arbetsplatsen" ("The digital workplace").

When we started writing the book, our ambition was to provide a comprehensive yet straightforward and pragmatic methodology, from strategy to design, that organizations can use to create digital workplaces that truly empower coworkers. It is based on the tools and practices we have work with during a number of years.

Our plan was to write the book in our native language (Swedish) and publish the book on the Swedish market, as a kind of pilot test to see how the book and the methodology would be received. It successful, the next step would be to translate it to English and make it available beyond the Swedish and Nordic markets.

Well, the pilot turned out to be quite successful - to say the least. :-) We have received a lot of praise for the book, and we have spoken to and worked with many organizations that are now practicing the methodology. As a matter of fact, the methodology has proven to be applicable not just for digital workplaces, but for also digital transformation in a broader sense.

So, now we are getting started with the translation process. We will also take the chance to make some improvements of the book based on the feedback we have received. Our plan is to publish it in early September this year (2017), making it available for purchase via all sales channels worldwide.

Until then, we’d like to share a visual overview of the artifacts that we use in our methodology. It’s designed as a poster, hence the details are very hard to see unless you print it in poster size or view it on a really big screen. Even if you don’t, you will get a picture of the type of artifacts. In the centre, there’s a digital workplace canvas (inspired by Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas) that helps organizations get an overview of their digital work environments and how to match demand with supply.

You can download the poster in PDF-format or download the high-resolution PNG image above. It’s published under a BY-NC-ND 3.0 Unported Creative Commons licence, which means you are free to share it as you like (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format).

We are creating a similar poster that provides an overview of the process of developing a digital workplace, from strategy to design, that we hope to share with you soon.





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