Five reasons to attend the 2017 IntraTeam event in Copenhagen

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One thing I wish I’d done differently when working as a practitioner, is to have done more professional development.  I’d have done a better job, had more job satisfaction and it would have enhanced my career.

In many organisations intranet and digital workplace teams tend to be fairly specialist and misunderstood units. In medium-sized or smaller organisations the intranet manager is usually a stand-alone role, and there’s not many who understood the issues, frustrations and approaches you need to take. Often you need to reach out to other intranet folk in other organisations.

There’s many opportunities for intranet and digital workplace professionals to network via conferences, awards, workshops and within formal or informal networking groups. You’ll learn a lot from other teams and individuals, and that has real value.

We’re lucky to have a great set of intranet and digital workplace conferences right now. There is a lot of choice out there particularly in Northern Europe, North America and in Australia from a variety of providers including JBoye, Step Two, We.connect, Ragan, Intranet Now and now even CMSWire / DWG. In general, these are all very professionally done and you’ll get real value from them.

One of the best conferences and intranet-related events I attended last year was the IntraTeam event in Copenhagen. This year I’m lucky enough again to be one of the speakers.  Taking place between the 28th and 2nd March, here are five good reasons to attend:

1 Networking

There’s very good networking available with other digital workplace professionals at IntraTeam.  Most attendees are from Denmark, but there’s also quite a few British attendees and speakers, as well as professionals from other countries.

Last year it was a real pleasure to finally meet people face to face who I’d only ever met online. There were also a couple of fun networking dinners and there was plenty of space during the conference to talk with others.

2 The intranets and digital workplaces

As a practitioner, you really want to drill down into the detail and see what other organisations have actually implemented. That usually delivers the right mix of information and inspiration. At last year’s IntraTeam there was a good mixture of different presentations and live demos covering everything from search to rolling out a global intranet to gamifying Yammer.

This year I’ll be looking forward for the lowdown on one my favourite intranets (Swisscom) and also seeing who will be revealed as the winner of the Danish intranet prize, an annual competition for the best intranet in Denmark. Other organisations I’m intrigued to hear about include HSBC, BBC, COWI, Siemens and others.

3 Thought-provoking speakers

It’s always good to have your own ideas challenged and to hear different perspectives that give either a different slant on a topic, look at the bigger picture or cover different aspects of the digital workplace such as virtual reality. There’s a strong line-up of speakers this year including the excellent Lee Bryant, Leon Benjamin, Euan Semple and Paolo Tosoloini.

4 It’s in Copenhagen.

Predictably, I’m yet another English fan of all things Scandinavian.  Copenhagen is a lovely city to visit and all the Danes I met were very friendly. So if you want to experience a little bit of hygge in action or try to spot where Borgen was filmed, or just hang out in a very nice European capital, then IntraTeam delivers.

5 The Intranet Directions workshop

Ok, I’m a little biased here, but I think the intranet strategy workshop Chris Tubb and I will be carrying out (as Intranet Directions)  will be useful. This is a half day session on the workshop day before the conference, and is designed to be very practical guide which works you through the steps required to deliver an intranet strategy.

I’m looking forward to being in Copenhagen in a few weeks time. Maybe see you there?

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