Video: Innovations in digital workplaces and the employee experience

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I was recently honoured to be on the main stage at the Digital Workplace Experience (DWX) conference, held in Chicago during July 2017.

I was also lucky enough to have my presentation recorded, which is shared in full above.

Key points from my presentation:

  • There’s a huge digital transformation underway in organisations, but coming with it is the danger of increased complexity.
  • The digital workplace has become an important concept, and with it, employee experience.
  • The digital workplace radar provides a valuable way of understanding what’s here now, and what’s still some way off.
  • There are inspiring examples to learn from already, including Coles, Telstra, Anthony Veder, QUT, Merck and Swisscom (click through to get a case study for each of these organisations).
  • The Digital Workplace Radar also helps with planning:
  • Deliver projects for technologies and approaches that are currently landing. (The 6×2 methodology will help you to pick what to tackle right now.)
  • Have a strategy that encompasses the ideas and solutions that are circling.
  • Communicate a powerful vision for the ideas that are still in flight. (A week in the digital workplace whitepaper provides an engaging example of how narrative underpins a powerful vision.)
  • Do all three of things in parallel: dream big, but deliver often!

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