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Last updated: January 2017

Intranet screenshots are very useful for intranet teams to get a sense of how other intranets are working, and act as a useful reference point for designing intranets or making improvements. They can spark specific ideas, illustrate what is possible to stakeholders or provide an idea of what similar organisations have done.

There are now many intranet screenshots which can be found and viewed online. Some of these are from the intranet teams themselves or via consultants and intranet membership groups. (Disclosure: I do work for Step Two, DWG and Clearbox and all are mentioned below.). Others are from agencies and vendors who are showcasing their  own work.  Sometimes agency shots are mock-ups, but they are still useful in conveying layout, functionality and good design practice.  The majority of screenshots are of intranet homepages, but there are also other pages featured, such as user profiles.

Below are a set of mainly free resources which either link to hundreds of intranet screenshots or provide an option to find them. This is a good place to start for the discovery phase of an intranet redesign, or if you’re just looking for a little intranet inspiration.

If you need help finding relevant and successful screenshots to help your project or business need, then get in touch.

Step Two’s Intranet & Digital Workplace Showcase is an annual publication which details around eighteen or nineteen winners of the annual Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards, formerly the Intranet Innovation Awards. The report is packed with screenshots. Admittedly I’m a little biased here, as I co-ordinate the Awards and write the report.  At under $200 AUD it’s also very reasonably-priced.

Step Two’s Awards Explorer page gives you a summary of years of awards winners and includes a screenshot for each. It’s a fantastic way to explore screenshots of leading intranets at no cost with some opportunities to filter results. Clicking into each example gives you a more detailed view.  You can also find many of these screenshots (including additional ones which appear in other Step Two blogs) at Step Two’s intranet screenshot Pinterest board.

Nielsen Norman Group’s annual Intranet Design Annual with its ten best intranets is packed with screenshots and still remains very affordable. Of course you also get the detail behind the case studies too.  It’s released each January.

Intra2 is a Danish organisation where if you share your own intranet screenshot you can get access to view 5,000 others. They regularly do Expos at some of the European intranet conferences too. I’m an intranet consultant so I’m not allowed to access the collection, but if you’re an intranet manager, you should definitely investigate.

The Digital Workplace Group (whom I also do some work for) run events, contests and blogs which regularly feature intranet screenshots. A variety of different sources include My Beautiful Intranet contest from 2014, 2012 or 2011 and also a DWG screenshots landing page (including shots from My Beautiful Intranet).

Clearbox Consulting’s intranets Pinterest board appears to have the widest number of screenshots and is well worth looking at.

Sharon O’Dea’s intranet collection on Pinterest also has some good screenshots.

Ellen Van Aken has an excellent collection of intranet launch videos and teasers. OK, technically these aren’t screenshots, but there are lots of glimpses of homepages through the videos.

Richard Harbridge’s SharePoint intranet homepages.

Prescient Digital from Toby Ward runs the annual Intranet Global Forum from New York each year and always presents a generous heaping of screenshots on SlideShare. Here are links to presentations from 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Stephane Y’s intranet board on Behance. This has some screenshots not regularly found on other pinboards and tends to focus on the work of individual designers.

Of course, Google image search is going to get you a lot of intranet screenshots, although you’ll need to filter out the generic screenshots. Both “intranet screenshots” and “intranet examples” in Google will deliver you some results.

Intranet software vendors and agencies are always keen to show customer screenshots and these provide a great source for designs. They are usually on their individual website and are too numerous to pick up here, although an honourable mention goes to Interact for packing up screenshots into a free report (although you must register and I’n a bit uncomfortable with the Nielsen Norman Group references in it..). Also I’ll mention Claromentis as they took the time to add comments to this page.

And finally..the other side of the coin of what not to do can be seen through Sharon O’Dea’s Pinterest page with particularly ugly intranets.

Are there any key resources I’ve missed out?  Let me know! Please add anything in the comments and I’ll attempt to update this page periodically.

Need help?

There are many other screenshots out there which can help inform your project, meeting, design workshop, business case, stakeholder session, discovery phase or similar, but they are not always easy to find. If you need assistance then get in touch using our contact form.

Two Hives offers micro-consulting of anything between a couple of hours and a day to help you locate the relevant, illustrative and inspirational screenshots and intranet / ESN case studies which can help bring your project to life. As far as possible these are targeted so they are relevant to your organisation, situation, project and technology platform. These will also reflect good practices.

Even if its just a case of pointing you in the right direction, we’d love to hear from you, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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