Delivering Innovative Intranets - Masterclass with James Robertson

06. October 2010 - 07. October 2010
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Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

More than just communications channels or corporate repositories, intranets must evolve to become valuable business tools.

About the masterclass

Intranets must succeed. While they have grown greatly over the last ten years, many sites are still struggling to gain the resources they need.

To be effective, intranets need to innovate, to find new ways of meeting organisational needs.

Intranets must become valuable business tools that deliver tangible and visible benefits for the organisations they serve.

• content
• communication
• collaboration
• activity

This workshop provides practical approaches for managing and growing intranets. Drawing on the experiences gained across many different organisations, hands-on techniques will be provided, along with many ideas and approaches.

Central to the workshop  is the new ‘6x2 methodology', which offers a rigorous framework for intranet planning. This unique approach focuses on carefully scoping the next six months of work, to ensure that what is planned is not just achievable, but is also worth doing.

Taking this step-by-step approaches provides a strong basis for positioning the intranet as a ‘business tool', one that delivers tangible and visible benefits to both staff and the organisation as a whole.

Examples will also be used from the winning entries of the global Intranet Innovation Awards, held in 2007 and 2008.

Don't miss this chance to hear one of the world's foremost authorities on intranets share his insights into making intranets work.

What you will learn

1. How to deliver an intranet that works for staff and for the organisation.

2. Practical ways of increasing the business value delivered by an intranet, across the four fundamental purposes (content, communication, collaboration and activity).

3. The 6x2 methodology, a unique approach for planning the growth and improvement of intranets.

4. New ideas drawn from the winners of the Intranet Innovation Awards, bringing together the best intranet thinking from across the globe.

5. Creating a business case for intranet projects that will demonstrate value to senior management.

Who should attend?

This masterclass will help all intranet teams be more effective, and to deliver more effective sites. It is particularly valuable for more experienced teams, looking for new ways to tackle intranet management and growth. Specifically, this masterclass will be most useful for intranet teams who are:

1. planning a redesign of their site
2. looking for ideas on how to overcome roadblocks and barriers
3. aiming to increase intranet usage and value
4. needing to build a business case or demonstrate business benefits

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