Increase Performance with Top Task Management - Gerry McGovern - Stockholm

12. October 2011 - Kl. 08:30 - 08:30
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Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm

Top Task Management: How to maximize the value from your website and intranet

Did Toyota, British Airways or BP think that having lots of visitors to their websites was a good thing? If customer A spends 2 minutes on a page and customer B spends 4 minutes on a page, which was more satisfied? Is it really a good thing that employees are looking at lots of pages on your intranet?

Old web metrics are false and damaging

The old web metrics are broken. Not just broken. They give a false and damaging impression of your website’s performance. High volumes of visitors, spending lots of time, looking at lots of pages could be positive but could just as well be negative.

The scary thing is: WE DON’T KNOW. 


New metrics

Top Task Management gives you a way to truly know how well your website or intranet is performing. It is used by organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco and IBM. It gives you real metrics that truly measure how well your website is doing. But more than that, it gives you a roadmap for improvement. It will show you what to fix to make your website or intranet a world class one. What’s even better, most of the fixes do not involve expensive investment in technology or design. 

Show management metrics they understand

This masterclass is about giving you a model of management that will prove to senior management how your website or intranet is both saving and making money for your organization. It presents the type of metrics that senior management truly understand and relate to. It will help you advance your web career by learning world class customer centric web skills.

Concrete methods and metrics

It is an evolution from the previous masterclasses Gerry has done. It takes the customer centric philosophy and turns it into concrete methods and metrics that you can immediately use to make your website or intranet better.

Both for new and previous attendees of Gerry's masterclasses

So, if you’ve attended previous masterclasses by Gerry this will build on that learning. And if you’re attending for the first time, you will hear practical, no-nonsense, non-technical advice that you can begin implementing the very next day.


 "Our work with Gerry increased understanding across our team of the specific tasks that our customers are trying to accomplish and how best to address their needs. The result is a significant improvement (+20%) in our customers' ability to find what they need on Pinpoint."
Peter Horsman, Global Site Management Lead for Microsoft Pinpoint

"Gerry's customer-centric approach to website development has helped us re-shape and dramatically improve Cisco's Partner Central by focusing on and addressing the needs of our global partner community."
Luanne Tierney, Vice President, Worldwide Partner Marketing, Cisco

"Following the Task Based strategy has been the foundation of our work to successfully develop our intranet. We have used Gerry's real customer-centric approach to improve the ability of our employees to solve frequently performed tasks—in one area more than +50 % improvement was achieved."
Gabriel Olsson, e-Communications Director, Tetra Pak

Customers and staff are highly impatient

Whether you’re involved with a public website or an intranet, whether you’re working for the public or commercial sector, one message is universal: customers and staff are highly impatient and demanding.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Most customers or employees have a small set of tasks they want to complete on your website or intranet. Helping them complete these tasks quickly and easily is the most effective way of increasing customer and employee satisfaction and delivering maximum value to your organization.

Manage your website like a goldmine and not a goalmine

As a self service channel, the Web is by far the most cost-effective method for delivering services and helping customers and employees complete tasks. Research shows that web-based self service tasks are up to 20 times cheaper than the phone and 40 times cheaper than face-to-face interviews. So, most companies are sitting on a goldmine of value but are managing it like a coalmine. This masterclass will help you manage your website and intranet like a goldmine.

Who is this masterclass for?

  • Managers responsible for large commercial or government websites and intranets
  • Website and intranet editors and writers
  • Those responsible for designing large websites and intranets.

What you will learn

  1. Cutting edge techniques for identifying and managing your customers’ and employees top tasks. These techniques have been used by organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Tetra Pak, IKEA, Schlumberger, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Rolls-Royce, US Internal Revenue Service, Defra, UK Ministry of Justice and many others.
  2. How to manage the competing demands of different organisational stakeholders and their views on what content should be published.
  3. How to persuade senior managers that your website and intranet is a core business asset and should be treated like one.


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