Intranet design and redesign, James Robertson in Stockholm

04. October 2010 - Kl. 09:00 - 17:00
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Radisson Blu Strand Hotel Stockholm


This masterclass will help all intranet teams be more effective, and to deliver more effective sites. It is particularly valuable for more experienced teams, looking for new ways to tackle intranet management and growth. Specifically, this masterclass will be most useful for intranet teams who are:

1. planning a redesign of their site.
2. looking for ideas on how to overcome roadblocks and barriers.
3. aiming to increase intranet usage and value
4. needing to build a business case or demonstrate business benefits

The most common complaint from staff about intranets: I can't find anything! While intranets contain large amounts of useful information, staff can often struggle to find what they need.

This workshop provides a practical methodology for designing a new intranet, or redesigning an existing site. Following a step-by-step approach, key techniques will ensure that the new intranet is usable and useful.

Topics covered in the one-day workshop:

Why do staff visit the intranet?
What is the "brand" of your intranet?
User-centred design methodology
Technique: card sorting
Technique: tree testing
How to design intranet pages
Technique: usability testing
What goes on the intranet homepage?
Personalisation and targeting
The workshop will be presented by James Robertson, one of the global experts on intranets. Author of "What every intranet team should know", James is putting the finishing touches to his next book on intranet design, due out shortly.

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