IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014 - Intranet, SharePoint and Enterprise Search

25. February 2014 - 27. February 2014
Host company: 
Radisson BLU Scandinavia


Get ideas on how to communicate, share knowledge and create value with your intranet, SharePoint or enterprise search.

Key Focus Areas






25. February - Workshop Day

26. February - 1. Conference Day 

27. February - 2. Conference Day



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Why should you attend?

Supporting your business strategy and helping your colleagues in doing their job more efficiently, saving money and selling more are what your management want's to hear. Attend this conference, see, hear and get to know the best and go home with lots of ideas and tools to satisfy you colleagues and management.

Who should attend?

Managers and employees working with intranet i.e. information, communication managers and employees, intranet editors, managers, webmasters, communications consultants, IT and project managers. 

Host name: 
IntraTeam A/S




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