James Robertson: Delivering innovative intranets

17. September 2008 - 18. September 2008
Host company: 
Axelborg, Vesterbrogade 4, København

More than just communications channels or corporate repositories, intranets must evolve to become valuable business tools.

About the masterclass

Intranets must succeed. While they have grown greatly over the last ten years, many sites are still struggling to gain the resources they need. To be effective, intranets need to innovate, to find new ways of meeting organisational needs.
Intranets must become valuable business tools that deliver tangible and visible benefits for the organisations they serve. There must also be a balance between the four fundamental purposes of corporate intranets:

  • content
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • activity

This workshop provides practical approaches for managing and growing intranets. Drawing on the experiences gained across many different organisations, hands-on techniques will be provided, along with many ideas and approaches.


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