Social collaboration with SharePoint: building a digital workplace

18. September 2014 - Kl. 09:05 - 16:00
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Sam Marshall from Clearbox Consulting presents his hands-on workshop about building a digital workplace on SharePoint focusing on social and collaboration!

SharePoint has become the dominant intranet platform, but it can be challenging to move away from a mindset of documents and publishing towards something that is truly social, collective and integrated.

This session will encourage you to think beyond SharePoint as a system, and look at how it can address wider employee and organisational goals. 



Topics covered include:

  • What are the practical steps for planning a digital workplace around SharePoint?
  • How should you manage social content alongside more traditional approaches?
  • What should you measure, and how can you measure it?
  • What team and skills should you have in place?
  • Where have other companies found success, and what are the challenges?
  • Should you move to Office 365 or build on-premises?
  • What should your mobile strategy be?

The format will be highly interactive, and delegates will be invited to share their own intranet experiences and conduct hands-on exercises.

At the end of the day you’ll come away with a high-level action plan that you can take back to your teams to expand and refine. Who should attend If you're planning to update your intranet, then this session will help you to think through the issues and develop a plan of action, clarifying the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’.

If you're already using SharePoint for your intranet, the day will highlight how you can get more from your investment, and broaden your approach to encompass other dimensions of a full digital workplace.


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