Workshop: Developing a search strategy for your organisation

03. October 2013 - Kl. 09:15 - 16:00

The objective of this workshop is to give participants a framework that they can use immediately they return to their organisation to prepare or enhance an enterprise search strategy.  In the morning session participants will be able to share their approaches to the following elements of a search strategy in facilitated group discussions. The aim will be to ensure that every participant meets every other participant.


Among the topics to be covered in the workshop will be:

  • Aligning the strategy to business objectives
  • Integrating a search strategy with an information management strategy
  • Governance of search
  • Budgeting for search
  • Skills and responsibilities of the search team and business managers
  • Measuring search performance and satisfaction
  • Planning for future opportunities


After lunch the outcomes of the group discussions will be synthesised into a set of good practices. The workshop will cover both enterprise (internal) and website search strategies. When Martin White ran this workshop at the Enterprise Search Summit in New York in May 2013 29 people attended and the overall score was 4.7 out of 5. 


Martin White is the author of Enterprise Search and is Chairman of the Enterprise Search Europe conference. Among his search clients have been the World Bank, the Houses of Parliament, the Open University, University College London, Discovery Networks, Expedia and UNAIDS.







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