Workshop: The Enterprise Mobile Revolution

10. October 2012 - Kl. 09:00 - 17:00

James Robertson from Step Two Designs brings his workshop "The Enterprise Mobile Revolution" to Copenhagen.

James Robertson is the undisputed global expert on intranets. He is the author of Designing intranets: creating site that work and What every intranet team should know, as well as best practice reports and hundreds of articles. James has keynoted events throughout the globe, and is a passionate and engaging speaker.


CIO’s, CTO’s, enterprise architects, IT teams, intranet teams, web teams, knowledge managers, collaboration managers.


Mobile devices have transformed our lives, and there is a huge rush to deliver ever-richer apps for consumers. While the enterprise has tended to lag far behind, the pressure from staff and the executive to deliver solutions is driving a transformation in enterprise mobility.

This workshop will share the work already being done by organisations around the globe, and will provide a framework and strategy for delivering enterprise mobile solutions. 

The workshop will answer key questions, including: 

  • What does “enterprise mobility” really mean in practice?
  • Where should I start with delivering a mobile enterprise solution?
  • Where are the biggest business opportunities?
  • What issues need to be considered?
  • What strategy and roadmap should we be putting in place?

Topics covered during the day include:

  • the enterprise mobility landscape
  • understanding the four types of enterprise mobility
  • how to address BYOD (‘bring your own device’)
  • uncovering and targeting staff needs
  • design considerations for mobile devices
  • choosing between web and native apps
  • sketching enterprise mobile ideas
  • strategies for delivering enterprise mobility
  • real-world enterprise mobile examples

Prices in Euro:

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Host name: 
Simon Verheij




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