Workshop: Mobile and Tablets for the Enterprise

22. November 2011 - Kl. 09:00 - 16:00

Putting your office in your pocket 

Providing information to mobile front-line managers with customer-facing responsibilities


Providing access to enterprise information resources through mobile handsets and tablet PCs is going to enable companies to deliver information to front-line managers in direct contact with customers, prospects and suppliers. 

The rate of development in 2011 has been very high, and as broadband mobile networks are more widely implemented in North America and Europe in 2012 it is important that intranet managers incorporate mobile access into their plans for 2012 onwards.



This workshop will explore the key issues of enterprise mobility, including

  • User segmentation and business benefits
  • Adapting content to mobile displays
  • Security management
  • Mobile search
  • Personal or business-supplied handsets
  • Web or native apps

The workshop will include a number of group sessions which will explore the benefits and challenges of enterprise mobility and the role of intranets.

Target group

The target group is intranet managers and IT managers working in organisations where access to enterprise information from outside the office over tablet PCs and smart phones could make a significant difference to achieving corporate objectives. 

In addition managers from companies providing information services to businesses, such as directory information, industry news and professional journals, would also gain value from attending the workshop.

About Martin White, Intranet Focus Ltd

This workshop will be led by Martin White, Managing Director of Intranet Focus Ltd, and author of both The Intranet Management Handbook and a report for the Intranet Benchmarking Forum on Enterprise Mobility for Intranets. 

As well as a decade of experience in intranet management Martin has been a consultant in the telecommunications industry. 


Host name: 
IntraTeam A/S




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