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The design of our offices to support productivity has greatly improved over the years (though Read more

It has been my immense good fortune to have had business experience in around 40 countries.

‘Bots’ have become one of the hot topics on the internet.

Following on from my post yesterday about senior leaders

The outcomes of the Findwise Findability Survey 2016 were presented by its author, Mattais Ellison, at t

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have seen business cases for search and for collaboration that cite ‘enhancing innovation’ as a reason for investment.

Digital makes it so much easier to design based on how the things we create are being used. In a complex, rapidly changing world, there is no better strategy.

I believe that digital transformation is really nothing extraordinary for organizations. This statement may seem strange in the mouth of someone who has been researching it for 10 years.

The customer has already transformed and it is the customer who will transform the organization.

The problem with the word ‘user’ is that it is loaded with historical baggage, most of it negative.

H&R Block is the world’s largest tax services firm. Established in the 1950s, H&R Block is the largest non-food franchiser in the world.

While every organisation is unique, at least to some degree, there are common patterns of success when it comes to collaboration and social tools.

I remember with great affection the Content Management Bible that Bob Boiko wrote in 2002.

In almost all of the presentations and blog posts I have seen about enterprise social network adoption there is an implicit assumption that organisations are homogeneous and that works for the targ

The only rule about using ‘click here’ is simple; just don’t!

More and more employees are no longer willing to accept management strategy, particularly when it comes to technology.

Here is what I found most interesting in week 41. 

There is a startling disconnect between the enthusiasm for collaboration and social tools, and their real-world impact.

At the Intranet Now event in London last month I highlighted the situation that, in my opinion, there had been little development in intranet good practice over the last two decades.



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