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More #wol information to share.

“I can’t find stuff!” is one of the most common complaints I hear against intranets.

One of the greatest challenges organizations face today is to become much more internally cohesive and collaborative.

Here is more data I’d like to share as I continue to work on the 2016 report. Please think about this and share your reactions. #wol

The basics of customer experience is helping people do what they want to do.

Here is what I found most interesting in week 35. 


Today I’m working on the learning theme for the 2016 report. I’d like to share some data with you and see what you think.

When Wedge Black and Brian Lamb took the initiative to start Intranet Now in 2014, they also did a very generous thing in giving out a Diamond Award – as if the demands of conference

The digital workplace can be a powerful platform for improving how the business operates.

For the first time, in this 10th year, I looked into working out loud.

Around the world, trust in government is collapsing. Trust in all institutions, the establishment, the elite, is in a prolonged and probably irrevocable decline.

As you know, I’m working out loud this year as I prepare the 2016 report: The Organization in the Digital Age.

Here is what I found most interesting in week 34. 

I posted a chart a couple days ago showing the primary goals for digital

Job titles are funny things and almost never describe what we do, but they say something about the dominant narratives in the organisations we work in.

The digital workplace is a broad concept, and it encompasses many aspects of how staff work, and how org

The 2016 research involved 311 people from 27 countries. I’m now working full out on analyzing the data, writing and interviewing people for the case studies.

Here is what I found most interesting in week 33. 



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