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Media are becoming more individual and people-driven, according to Mary Meeker. The enterprise world is following.

There are many demands on investments and energy in organizations today.

The search engine sucks!” is the single-most common complaints we hear from employees (regardless of company and industry). Naturally, most immediately blame the search engine.

The possibilities and potential of collaboration and social tools are endless. So are the features and capabilities offered by the tools, making it an inherently complex space.

Yesterday saw the publication of the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Internet Trends

Earlier this week, Automattic — the company that owns the WordPress content management system — Read more

No single project will deliver an extraordinary digital workplace.

Managing a global intranet is challenging for central teams, and the wider scope of the digital workplace makes it even more difficult.

Death is coming to SharePoint 2010. Mainstream Support from Microsoft SharePoint ended nearly two years ago.

Denmark’s premier intranet community and conference organizer, IntraTeam (arguably the World’s most active and advanced, certainly per capita) has launched an Intranet/Digital Workplace

At the start of this week Jive, one of the dominant enterprise social vendors, agreed to a buyout.



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