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Great intranets are not built from the bottom-up; they are not populist, user-driven systems.

The social intranet has been quietly evolving.

Blogging didn’t take-off; it was mostly led by corporate communications. Started seeding blogs with non-work related blog posts (e.g. personal growth).

Organisational values and a deeper sense of “purpose” – the very reason an organisation does what it does – are key themes in business.

It was a busy week for Facebook at their F8 conference in California this week.

Attivio, Coveo and Sinequa are just three vendors that are positioning themselves as being in the insight/cognitive search sector, playing down the ‘enterprise search’ label.

Over the last few years I have been involved in many search projects where search does not seem to be delivering the value and user satisfaction that the organisation was anticipating.

In civilised countries, we no longer send miners down a shaft with just a lamp and a shovel.

Have you ever considered submitting your intranet or digital workplace for an award or entering it into a competition?

Almost 6 months ago me and my co-author Henrik Gustafsson published the Swedish version of our book about digital workplaces,



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