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There has been very little published research on intranet evaluation.

I’m looking for contacts within IT practitioner communities in order to get more IT participation in the global Digital Workplace Trends survey this year.

They say that communication is only 7% verbal.  That means that video communicates at least ten times more than a written message alone.

Not surprisingly, 3 of the top 4 priorities for over 50% of the 110 pre-survey quick poll participants concern social collaboration and change facilitation.

The state of affairs in the digital workplace has been at least partially revealed by the results of the 2014 Digital Workplace Trends pre-survey quick poll.

Just because it’s organizationally easier to manage channels separately doesn’t mean it’s right.

There has been a lot of discussion around the importance of data scientists in the management of big data but the focus has largely been on analytics skills.

There seems to be a major disconnect between those who purchase a content management system (CMS) and those who actually have to use it.

At Intranets 2013 in Sydney earlier this year I was invited to join a ‘mythbuster’ session where I was asked to debunk the belief that “Everything must be 3 clicks or less from th

One of the key changes being driven by the web is the movement away from products and towards services. Today, the product is in the Cloud or wherever. We don’t care.

Organizations are organization-centric by nature. It is alien and counter-intuitive to be customer-centric.

The Search Circle now has subscribers in the UK, Germany and the USA, which is a good start.

In 2011 I was awarded a contract by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (an institute of the European Commission) to unde

There are no silos on the Web. The Web is a network and everything you do has an impact on that network.

I’m delighted to announce the members of the Digital Workplace Advisory Board for the upcoming survey.

If you want to communicate with customers on the Web you must use their language.

On 1 July I released the first issue of Search Log, and one of the articles was about the early history

In a June 11 press release Gartner reported that research it has undertaken indicates that less than 10% of tod

My HR series “Is HR the missing player we are waiting for in the digital workplace?” has triggered some strong reactions.

A while ago I booked online with Dublin airport parking. (It’s a good service.) However, a few days later I got an email with a strange heading: “You said. We listened.” What?

Staff engagement is a key issue for many organisations, as they endeavour to keep their best staff while belt tightening.



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